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author profile: simplystars
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akamine_chan wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Stars (simplystars)
Website/link to fic: Her fic is archived at her fic journal, stars_fic. There is a masterlist by fandom that is very useful.
Fanlore page: here
First DS fic posted: June 2007
Full disclosure: Stars and I are good friends, I love her very much and we often beta for each other.
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, gen. Stars often writes Dief and Turtle viewpoints (wonderfully, btw) as well.
Style and strengths: Stars is a unique writer in that she can easily adapt between extremes. She can write absolutely heartbreaking angst as well as hysterically funny stories that are believably canon. Her snippet sized stories often pack an emotional wallop and her longer pieces are perfectly paced and pitched. She likes the remix format, taking the original author's story and spinning it carefully to make something as good or even better than the original. Her storytelling skill is excellent and she has an uncanny ability to get into the heads of her characters and give them voices. She often takes risks with her stories by writing gen, or death fic, or zombie apocalypses and it always pays off in the best ways.
Other DS/C6D activity: Stars has dabbled in other C6D fandoms including Wilby Wonderful, Hard Core Logo, Battlestar Galactica and Slings & Arrows.
Some favorites:

I Am a Man Upon the Land (Fraser/Kowalski, 13,000 words, PG13)

This was one of the best stories to come out of the last ds_match. I shouldn't say that because I was on the opposing team. But I think that losing to stories like this brings no shame.

This is a fairy tale, and Stars does a wonderful job building the story slowly, carefully, picking out a gentle pace and sticking to it. She uses such a deft hand, a sense of timeless lyricism tempered with a hint of discord as Fraser and Ray struggle to understand what it is they mean to each other.

Freaks & Geeks (To Say Nothing of the Goat) (Fraser/Kowalski, 5,800 words, NC17)

This story is really about the sheer unadulterated wackiness that is canon in due South.

Fraser's in Canada, Ray's in Chicago, and nothing is as it should be. Until it is.

Turtle thoughts. A goat witnesses a murder. An Evil Kitty named Yossarian (or maybe Snowball). Cherished feather pillows not-so-accidentally rent asunder. The Incident with the clown car. Fraser and Ray moving to Poland. Frannie. Welsh. Hijinks. So Much Love.

About a Girl (Thatcher, 2,900 words, G)

An absolutely lovely character study of Inspector Meg Thatcher - not the shrewishly drawn caricature we saw on the show - but the intelligent, talented woman we knew had to exist between the lines of canon. Here is a Meg Thatcher well worth knowing, and loving, from precocious girl to commanding woman.

God Says Nothing Back (Five Times Fraser's Heart Was Broken) (Fraser/Kowalski, 1,500 words, PG13)

Five moments in Fraser's life, five things that can't be undone. This story is not a long one, but it still absolutely stuns me with the power of the emotions behind it. The words are elegant and spare, but razor-sharp. This was the first story of Stars' that I read and it remains one of my favorite stories in the entire fandom.

Les Revenants (or in English, thank you, Fraser – Zombies, Zombie Town, Zombie Nightmare, Zombiegeddon…) (Fraser/Kowalski, 3,450 words, R) - bonus rec: check out bluebrocade's awesome remix Belle de Jour (The Goodness and Mercy Remix) (Thatcher, 2,581 words, PG13)

As stated before, I have a love of zombie stories, and this is one of the best out there. In spite of the humorous title, this story is deadly serious. Zombies loose in Chicago, wrecking havoc, as zombies tend to do. Here we watch as Ray and Fraser deal with the ravenous walking undead as well as the horror that slowly consumes them. One breaks, and the other finds the strength to hold them both up and keep them going.

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Hi! Here at long last, is Stars' fanlore page link:

They've been playing with the wiki formating, and it is still a bit wonky, so don't be concerned if the page layout seems a little strange. They promise me all will come right soonish.

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