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Author profile: China_shop
sprat wrote in ds_profiles
Author: china_shop
Website/link to fic:
Fanlore page: China_shop's wiki page
First DS fic posted: 2004
Full disclosure: China_shop and I were fandom newbies together and have been on each other's flists for years. We often beta for each other and I <3 her greatly, so I am in no conceivable way objective.
Pairings: Ms. Shop was a diehard Fraser/Kowalski shipper when she first started writing in dS, but later branched out to Ray/Ray and then F/K/V and most recently Fraser/Vecchio and Fraser/Vecchio/Elaine. She's written other dS pairings, too, and also writes Hard Core Logo and Canadian actor RPS.
Style and strengths: I've already copped to being far from objective about China_shop's fic -- she writes like I wish I could, building entire stories on character insights and letting conflict unfold from the interactions of the principals in each fic. But the things I admire most, I think, are her attention to detail, her ability to mess with narrative structure and the way she writes humanity into the crackiest of premises (even the one with the duck).
Other DS/C6D activity: China_shop's Canadian Actor RPS is locked at the comm tinhat_valley; you can join the comm to see the fic. She moderates many dS communities and challenges, including this one, and organizes an annual New Zealand con, get__together.
Some favourites: [Note - China_shop is incredibly prolific and incredibly good, so choosing three favourites was impossible. I chose three stand-out examples of her writing at its best, instead; on another day, I would probably have picked three different ones.]

10 Reasons to Hate Ray Kowalski by Raymond Vecchio (due South, Ray/Ray, explicit, 16,900 words). In which there is a nonlinear structure and magic realism, but also a seriously heartbreaking story about Vecchio's struggle to find his way back to himself.
"Vecchio!" he insisted, shoving me against the wall with a thud, knocking the air out of me. Maybe knocking some sense in. His eyes were dark, like he was worried. Like he cared. "You're one of the good guys, remember? Remember that?"

Leaving Normal (due South, Fraser/Kowalski, 3377 words). This is an older story, but it's still one of my fandom favourites. Ray and Fraser are both gorgeously flawed and human, here, and I love Ray's voice.And see, this combination: Ray's apartment proving what a fucking mess Ray's life is, and Fraser being a superhero whose main superpower is figuring stuff out, and Ray's body letting on how turned on he is. This combination fills Ray with a deep awful dread, so that he knows, he just knows things can not go well here.

Soft Arithmetic (due South, Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, explicit, 5000 words). F/K/V futurefic in which Ray and Ray take Fraser in. The first F/K/V I ever loved, and still one of my favourites.
All of a sudden, this wasn't a game anymore. Ray felt bad, having even thought of seducing Fraser like it was a sport. This was Fraser. He needed them. And it looked like maybe, just maybe, he'd finally realised that.

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Just so you know - I tromped all over China's Fanlore page and added stuff everywhere! Including your recommendations and lovely words.

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