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Profile: Akamine_chan
luzula wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Akamine_chan (akamine_chan)
Website/link to fic: She is organized! There's a fic index on LJ, a fic index on LJ organized by fandom, a fic index on delicious, and her works are also on AO3.
Fanlore page: Akamine_chan's Fanlore wiki page
First DS fic posted: September 2007
Full disclosure: Akamine_chan and I are friends and have often beta-read for each other.
Pairings: Most of her fics are Fraser/Kowalski. She has also written Stella/RayK, Fraser/Victoria, Kowalski/Vecchio, Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, Kowalski/Denny Scarpa, Stella/RayV, and gen. In the C6D fandoms, she writes mostly Joe/Billy, Kara/Leoben, Hugh Dillon/Callum Keith Rennie, and occasional crossovers.
Style and strengths: Akamine_chan loves the short snippet format and the challenge of telling a story in a limited amount of words. When she writes longer stories, she often makes her experience with the short format work for her, for example by writing short scenes that are structured around the theme of the story. Akamine_chan's stories are often angsty, focusing on loss of some sort: relationships ending, death, the end of the world, although she is by no means limited to angst. She enjoys writing explicit sex and kink.
Other DS/C6D activity: Akamine_chan has written in many of the C6D fandoms, most prominently Hard Core Logo, Battlestar Galactica and Canadian actor RPF (for more, see her fic index organized by fandom). She also compiles c6d_weekly, mods several DS and C6D communities and in general gives generously of her time to the fannish community. She is also known for her fascination with zombies.
Some favourites:

Untune the Sky (Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 23 000 words)

This is an apocalypse story, but for all that it's still a life-affirming story. Fraser and Ray have both lost people they love, and they're broken in some ways, but they struggle on together. There is also fascinating world-building in this story, and Akamine-chan's love of science shines through. Also available as a podfic by dodificus and podfic_lover.

Blood and Pine Needles (Fraser/Victoria, R, 640 words)

This is a ghost story--or is it? However you choose to interpret it, it's chilling in the best way.

Hanging (Fraser/Kowalski, R, 250 words)

This snippet focuses on just one moment in time, and the possibilities branching off from that moment. The sensory details make the story vivid and immediate.

Life In 4/4 Time (Hard Core Logo, Joe/Billy, R, 4000 words)

This is a story focusing on Billy's life just before the beginning of the movie. Joe isn't physically present, but he might as well be, because of the way he's there in Billy's head. Also, Billy's answering machine messages are a thing of beauty.

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Just to let you know I've edited your recs and comments into akamine_chan's fanlore page.
(and as a placeholder for me so I can remember who I've done *g*)

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