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Profile: Keerawa
luzula wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Keerawa (keerawa)
Website/link to fic: Her website is here, and there's also her fan fiction index on LJ
Fanlore page: Keerawa's entry on Fanlore
First DS fic posted: September 3rd, 2006
Full disclosure: Keerawa and I are friends, and have occasionally beta-read for each other.
Pairings: Most of her fic is either Fraser/Kowalski or gen, but she has also written Kowalski/Vecchio, Fraser/Vecchio, Stella/Ray K, Fraser/Victoria and Frannie/Elaine.
Style and strengths: Keerawa often writes dark takes on the characters, and she does so in an utterly convincing way, making it mesh with canon. She's often concerned with questions of identity--why characters are the way they are, characters doubting themselves, unreliable narrators, etc. She often writes gen stories, and when she writes romantic stories, they almost always have a plot besides the romance or sex. As well as her longer fic, she's also very talented with short snippets. Keerawa is known for enjoying remixes, and encourages others to remix her stories.
Other DS/C6D activity: Keerawa is a vidder, and you can find her vids on her website. Her vids are often plotty or character-driven rather than shippy. A favorite vid is Train to Jackson, which focuses on Fraser's story arc through the whole series. Keerawa also records most excellent podfic, mostly of her own stories. You can find her podfic on the podfic archive.

Some favourites:

Con Job (Fraser/Kowalski and Kowalski/OMC, NC-17, 5300 words)

This story is an utterly fascinating take on Ray Kowalski. Keerawa writes a Ray who is deep undercover, so that the character that we see on the show is only Ray's undercover persona. Ray is torn between the role that he plays as Fraser's partner, friend and perhaps lover, and his need to keep something of himself for when he gets out again. There is also a podfic of this story by the author.

Safe House (Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 4000 words)

Heed the warnings on this one if you're sensitive--it's quite dark. It's set between seasons two and three. As an experienced undercover officer, Kowalski comes to help Vecchio get into his role as Languostini. It turns out that Langoustini was bisexual, and Vecchio needs to learn to deal with that. This has its costs for both men. The story is written in an external third person POV, which keeps out of the heads of both characters. Keerawa has said that the story felt like a staged play to her.

Father Confessor (Vecchio family gen, PG-13, 6300 words)

This story shows us the Vecchio family through the eyes of an outsider: Father Behan, who is the priest of the congregation the Vecchio's belong to. Ray's marriage with Angie, his struggle to do the right thing when Zuko beats up another kid, his feelings for Fraser--we hear about all these things when Ray confesses them to Father Behan. Father Behan is an interesting character in his own right, and not just a vehicle to tell us about the Vecchio family. The ending deals with Ray's undercover time in Vegas, and it's chilling without actually revealing much of what Ray went through. The story is also available as podfic by sundayscat.

Bad for the Soul (Kowalski gen, PG, 300 words)

This is one of Keerawa's many excellent snippets. It's a missing scene from "Good for the Soul", and shows how it came about that the 27th moved in on Warfield. It shows the difference between Fraser's actions, which are driven by principles and idealism, and Ray's actions, which are driven more by loyalty. The last lines really pack a punch.

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Alas, I could not tag. Mod, besides the applicable existing tags, I need:

author:k, vids:due south, fic:frannie/elaine, and podfic:due south

Done. (I generally do the tagging, since it reminds me to add the profile to the index too. Sorry, should've mentioned that. :-)

Also: \o/!

Oh hey, I hadn't seen this when it came out! Thank you for the recs, luzula! (Also, I apparently have a THING about undercover work. Who knew?)

You're welcome! It was fun to write.

Could you please edit your entry to include this link to keerawa's new fanlore page:


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Thanks! I've edited the entry.

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