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Author profile: Hth
sprat wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Hth/hth_the_first
Website/link to fic: Tragically, the only thing I could find was an archived version of her site at the Wayback Machine and a few stories at the DSA
First DS fic posted: I have no idea. One of the stories in the DSA is dated 1999, but I think she was probably active before that. Hth herself has this to say on the dS index page for her old site: "I am a veteran of the long-ago Ray Wars, wherein I valiantly defended Callum Keith Rennie's honor and hotness and said many snide things about Vecchio writers, a number of which I have since recanted. I like to think I was also part of the Healing Process (tm), in that I started writing Ray/Ray back when you could carry a lantern day and night through the streets of due South fandom and never find a single soul who would claim to be a Ray/Ray fan. To the best of my knowledge, FuzziCat wrote them first, then Barbara J. Webb, and that was about where I came in."
Full disclosure (your relationship to the author): I don't know Hth at all -- I just fangirl from afar.
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski, Vecchio/Kowalski
Style and strengths: Hth's stories tend to be shorter and pack a lot of emotional punch. She's great at tilting what we know about canon just a little and then taking full advantage of what might shake out; her Ray/Ray series What It Is I See In You, for example, asks what might have happened if the Rays had met before the start of Season 3, while Fraser was on vacation in Canada. It's not even AU territory (CotW implies they're meeting for the first time, I suppose, but that's pretty easily handwaved), but man, the difference it makes. Her characterizations are insightful and deft. She makes mundane moments speak volumes.
Other DS/C6D activity: None that I'm aware of.
Some favourites:

The Vibe is a painful post-Vegas Vecchio story full of details that kind of sneak up and punch you in the guts.

"Vecchio," he said, and I almost pulled the door open straight into my own face. A hundred hallucinations in the last three months, but none of them ever talked. His eyes, the tilt of his head, his stride, that would have been so graceful if he hadn't always been pushing faster and faster.


"Say something," I finally said out loud, to him and me both. He squinted, confused, and I let go of the door and stepped closer to him, too close in the summer humidity. "Say something," I clarified for him, "to make me a little more angry at you, or a little less. Right now, I don't honestly care which."

He seemed to get my drift right away, and he gave me that slow, subtle smile, the gotcha smile. "I'm so fucking horny for you right now."

Another thing you just don't get from ghosts. And I'd thought that in all this time I'd never forgotten what it was like to be Ray Kowalski's lover, but turns out that wasn't remembering at all -- this was remembering, the jolt running through me, the sudden urge to have him underneath me again, naked and open in every conceivable way.

Less angry, then. Definitely less. For all the times that Kowalski's a moron, I give him this: when he does say the right thing, it's always the really
right thing.


If Three Kings doesn't make you cry...I don't even know. There's probably something wrong with your soul. It's a tiny little story and the whole thing is a pullquote, so just trust me: go read it.

Close to the Chest is about Ray K's 40th birthday. It's a Ray/Ray story but it's about F/V and F/K, too. It's complicated and achey but somehow not angsty, which is like the world's best magic trick: how did she do that?

A long pause, and Ray sort of wanted to say something, but was sort of embarrassed, too, to let them know he'd been listening in. Vecchio made a little hmphing sound that didn't quite make it all the way to laughter. "Guess I should be flattered."

"I miss you."

More than a simple statement of fact. The smoky, rugged sound of his voice made Ray's stomach twist, made him want to know if that was you in the plural or the singular so bad he had to bite his lip to shut himself up. What was he --
jealous? Of who?

Vecchio sighed deeply, absently moving his fingers in Ray's hair, against his scalp. "Yeah, I know, Benny. Me, too."

And finally, Lullabye In Blue, because it's one of my all-time favourite comfortfics, even though it's short. Again, no pullquote because I'd have to pull the whole thing, but essentially, Ray and Ray are headcases for each other. ♥

Okay, your turn -- what are some of your Hth favourites? Her Ray/Ray stuff means a lot to me, but she's written other pairings, too, and all of her stories are fantastic. Tell us about some of them in the comments!

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I also adore her Sibylla ti theleis (F/K, V/Stella), which broke me and has stayed with me, and is achingly hauntingly wonderful.

(And I've just spent far too long looking for another fic that I'm fairly sure is by her. I may have to ask at ds_ficfinders. As He's In It (F/K (references to F/V). \o/)

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GOD YES to both of those. Sibylla ti theleis is one of those stories where the writing is just ridiculous, you know? Where you just kind of throw up your hands and stop trying to come up with superlatives?

(\o/ One down!)

OMG, *bless* you for this. Hth is, to me, one of the All-Time Best-Ever in fanfiction, any time, any fandom, and I have idolized her since I first came across her, way back in X-Files days, but she is nowhere near as widely known as she deserves (doubtless due to her deplorable reluctance to put her stuff on a FUNCTIONING WEBSITE OF SOME SORT).

I share your love for her Ray/Ray, but the East o the Moon, West o the Sun three-parter is fantastic also -- and among the things I hope I'll think of when I'm on my *deathbed* and reviewing life's highlight reel is getting Sybille ti thelies (for me, for ME!!) in the 2004 dS Seekrit Santa.

She's one of those writers you need to be shown the way to, I think, like a really good restaurant hipsters haven't caught onto yet. *g*

I love both of those stories, too! Sibylla ti theleis makes me all inarticulate with its awesomeness every time I re-read it. *sigh*

I found this website: - however it seems wonky and doesn't have all stories.

I really like "Ghosti".

Hey, thanks for the link! The site...doesn't look author-sanctioned, and yeah, it's missing some of Hth's stories, but I guess it is cool to know they're collected someplace, just in case.

Ghosti is an awesome story.

Fanlore link for Hth

Hth’s fanlore page is at

Would you be able to edit your post to add this link above the cut? Thanks!

Hth already had a page started but I edited in your comments for the due South stuff. Anyone else who wants to add to the fanlore page, please do! The more the better!

If anyone needed AO3, it is Hth (or rather us!) Wonder if anyone knows her and can persuade her?

Re: Fanlore link for Hth

Yay! \o/ \o/

Hth just posted to her DW account that she is slowly working on adding her stuff to Archive of Our Own.

So, eventually we can find all Hth's stories on AO3.

I'll update the Fanlore page a little later when she's had the chance to get a few things on it.

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