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[sticky post]ADMIN: Welcome to Due South Profiles
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china_shop wrote in ds_profiles
Welcome to ds_profiles, a new community for cataloging all the fantabulous past and present Due South writers and creators of fanworks! Anyone who's publicly posted Due South fics, vids, fan art, podfics, cartoons or icons is fair game. Ideally we'll collect a complete set and end up with an ever-growing encyclopedia of awesome!

How it works

One profile is posted per day, Monday to Friday, for two weeks. Every third week we take a break.

Posting in ds_profiles is restricted to assigned profilers. If you want to sign up to profile a DS author/maker of fanworks or two (which, yes! do! \o/), please comment here! :-)

There is a template for the profiles.

One profile per writer

Each Due South author/maker of fanworks may only be profiled once.

Profilers choose their subjects. They can write up anyone who's created DS fanworks, so long as that person hasn't yet been profiled. Profilers are assigned a day of the week for two weeks, ie, if you play, you have to write a minimum of two profiles. People can sign up repeatedly (and I will be immensely grateful if you do *g*).

People may not profile themselves.

Audience participation

This isn't a traditional fic reccing comm. However, if you wish to add your voice (in the form of author love or rave reviews of fanworks) to an existing author profile, please do so in the comments to that author's post.

Questions? Comments? Yayness?


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Grey/grey853 - profile

Helens78 - profile
heuradys - profile
hth/hth_the_first - profile
thehoyden - profile

isiscolo - profile

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justbreathe80 - profile

katallison - profile
keerawa - profile
Kellie Matthews/kelliem - profile
kindkit - profile
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lalejandra - profile
lamardeuse - profile
luzula - profile
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Mal/malnpudl - profile
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mergatrude - profile
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Giulietta/mondschein1 - profile
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Pares/kormantic - profile
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zabira - profile
Zillah/visionshadows - profile
zoetrope - profile
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