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author profile: kalijean
exbex wrote in ds_profiles
Author:  kalijean 
Website/link to fic:  kalijean on AO3 and Arch to the Sky verse
Fanlore page:  TBC
First DS fic posted:  2010
Full disclosure:  I'm an adoring fangirl, while she graciously tolerates my squee.  We're mutual flisters.
Pairings:  Vecchio/Turnbull, Fraser/Kowalski
Style and Strengths:  Whether it's in the Arch to the Sky verse, her Due South/Harry Potter crossover verse, or the ds_zombies  radioplay, kalijean loves to peel back the layers of a character like an onion.  The results can be painful or delightful, and always worth it.
Other ds/C6d activity:  none

Some favorites:

Cinis (Vecchio, PG-13, 229 words)

A Vecchio-in-Vegas favorite of mine.  Ray atones for Armando's sins, while being eaten up by his own guilt.

Kicking the Line (Fraser/Kowalski, PG-13, 584 words)

Kowalski's spine fuses together.  Excellent introspection and one of my all-time favorite ending lines.

Turtle (Welsh, Turtle, Vecchio, G, 632 words)

We learn the fate of Kowalski's turtle and get a rare glimpse inside Welsh's mind.

Avis (Turnbull/Vecchio, G, 911 words) 

Early in kalijean 's Due South/Harry Potter verse, in which Vecchio and Turnbull are wizards living among Muggles in Chicago.  A joyful and tender piece (okay, it makes me cry every time).

Obliviate (Kowalski, Welsh, Vecchio/Turnbull, Fraser; PG-13, 2818 words)

The second installment in the Due South/Harry Potter universe.  In which Kowalski is just too good of a detective...

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And I, for one, have been ridiculously proud to work alongside her. Awesome write-up, Ex.

Thank you. I love doing these profiles, although trying to do great writers justice can be quite the challenge.

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