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Author profile: The Hoyden
luzula wrote in ds_profiles
Author: thehoyden
Website/link to fic: the author's fic at the AO3
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: Probably 2004.
Full disclosure: I'm just an admirer.
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski, Thatcher/Frannie
Style and strengths: The Hoyden has written relatively few stories, but several of them are fandom classics. The stories range from snippets to long stories, and from AU:s to stories that are close to canon, but all have delightful characterization. Most of them focus on romance, and there is no heavy angst.
Other DS/C6D activity: None that I know of.
Some favourites:

Academic Punk (long, F/K, R)

This is the author's most well-known story; an AU where Fraser and Ray K both work in the English department of a university. It's an utterly charming story, and both characters are still so much themselves despite the new setting.

International Woman of Mystery (short, Thatcher/Frannie, PG-13)

A delightful little meeting in a London alley. The Frannie POV is spot-on, and Thatcher is mysterious and makes like James Bond.

Sweet Confessions Underneath His Tongue (long, F/K, R)

This is an AU where Kowalski works in IA and goes undercover to investigate Vecchio, and it's one of those AU:s which is fairly close reworking of canon (S3-4).

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(I just skimmed the subject lines of her LJ, and I think her first DS fic was 2004, just ftr. :-)

Thank you! I'll edit.

And the temptation to start rereading Academic Punk instead of making the post was almost more than I could withstand. But I did it! \o/

\o/ *admires your restraint*

*does not start reading it now!*

Edited at 2010-10-02 08:09 pm (UTC)

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