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Author profile: Helens78
thursdaynext_27 wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Helens78 ([personal profile] helens78)
Website/link to fic:
On Dreamwidth, as [personal profile] helensfic
On AO3, with story/content tags. The DW stories include pairing and rating only, so if you want more information about the stories before reading go with the AO3 versions.
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: 2010!!!
Full disclosure:  We're on each others flists. And of course I'm a fan.
Pairings: Mostly Fraser/Kowalski, with additional pairings.
Style and strengths:  Kink! Bingo! Memes!
An amazingly prolific writer (she'll probably post a new story before you finish the end of this profile), Helens is a welcome addition to DS/C6D. She has written most of her Fraser/Kowalski pieces for kink memes and kink bingo, so many of them are very "I'll be in my bunk" hot. The stories themselves cover a wide range of moods, from romantic first-time, to funny and warm established relationship fics, to dark stories that are as incredible as they are painful to read. What they all have in common is insightful and convincing characterization; her Fraser and Kowalski voices are feel very in-character, even as she's exploring and pushing the boundaries of their relationship.

Other DS/C6D activity: BSG (including this excellent story involving Leoben, Anders and pyramid), Canadian RPF, Gunless, and Wilby Wonderful, plus assorted crossovers with Californication, and Shattered. And even while I was writing this, she posted a fantastic Eastwick/BSG crossover.  She also mods or co-mods a number of comms, including the [community profile] duesouth and the delightful [community profile] dreamsheep.

Some favourites:

Have You Performed At This Establishment Before? (Due South, Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 5153 words, written for the duesouth_kink meme)
Undercover!Ray's in a punk rock band, and gets a surprise visitor at one of the concerts. Along with being OMG-HOT, this one has some lovely roleplay banter, great Ray voice, and comes with a nice twist at the end.

      "That was a very good set," Fraser says. "Have you performed at this establishment before?"
      "I think you mean 'Nice tunes, you come here often?'" Ray says with a grin.
      "Ah--well, yes. Sorry." Fraser tilts his head down and looks up at Ray from under his eyelashes--his mascara-coated, curlier-than-usual eyelashes, Jesus Christ. "I'm afraid I'm new to the scene--I'm Canadian."
      "Oh, I bet you are," Ray murmurs. "My name's Erik," which it is, undercover--Erik Raymond, guitarist from Podunk, Ohio, met Dylan in a jam session, got recruited when Dylan's regular guitarist got to her eighth month of pregnancy and needed a break from the nightclubs. "What's yours?"
      "You can call me Ben," Fraser offers.

Branta Canadensis (Due South, Fraser/Kowalski, R, 1565 words) Ray's angry that Stella can remarry while he cannot. Angst, but with a sweet ending.

      I clip the articles and put 'em away in the shoebox with all my other important shit I never want to see again, like my wedding ring and my marriage license.
      Stella's getting married. A couple months now and she gets another shot at it--life, family, home. Good for her. Good for fucking her.

I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours (Due South, F/K, NC-17, 6032 words, written for kink_bingo) The Fight Club story. The writing is so evocative that you feel every bit of the pain, during and after the fight. Her Fraser and Kowalski voices are spot-on here; you get why Fraser would be doing this, and Kowalski's desire to protect (and then help) Fraser makes me want to hug him.

      His opponent's name is Jeff. Fraser shakes his hand before they get started; people around here know that's just part of Fraser's routine. Everyone has a routine, whether it's doing a quick couple of toe-touches to stretch, or throwing a round of jabs into the air, or raising arms to the sky and looking around, trying to get the audience on their side.
      Fraser just wants one moment of contact before the fight begins. People assume it's because he's an unusually polite person. That's part of it, of course. It also gives him a split-second to gauge the man on the other side of the imminent conflict. How quick is he? How smart? How strong? How fast? Does he back down from an intense gaze?
      The handshake over, Fraser steps back and raises his fists.
      He lets Jeff take the first few swings. The first one is hard, but easy to dodge. The second one is sloppy, no real power behind it, not even quite on the mark. Fraser doesn't dodge that one. He lets his head snap to the side, takes a pair of steps back. Jeff grins at him.
      Fraser grins back.

A Failure Of Survival Skills (Due South, Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 2390 words, written for the duesouth_kink meme) A post-breakup story, but they haven't completely ended it. Serious jealousy, anger and self-destruction here, made more heartbreaking with Vecchio there to watch it happen over and over. The final conversation at the end packs so much in just a few sentences.

      He isn't even aware he's moving forward until there's a hand on his arm, holding him back. He looks down at his arm, then at the hand on it, and he frowns at Vecchio, who naturally is the owner of that hand. "I was only going to--"
      "Yeah, save it for someone who's gonna believe it," Vecchio says under his breath. "You don't need to do this right now, okay?"
      "I think hiding is only delaying the inevitable," Fraser says. "We'll obviously be seeing each other at work; I might as well get it over with, don't you think?"
      He pulls away even as Vecchio says, "No, I don't think," and then, "but since when do you listen to me?", and then Vecchio's following him, pushing through the crowd right behind him, arriving at the other side of the room as Fraser walks up to Ray and the other man.

New Toys (Due South, Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 3626 words, written for kink_bingo) The title pretty much says it all. What I love about this story is how comfortable and confident they are exploring this aspect of their relationship. No angst in this one!

      But Fraser's already up and off the bed, taking off his own clothes, and Ray looks him over head to foot to head to foot, because that, ladies and gentlemen, that is one hell of a view, and there are probably a million men and women in the Chicago metro area who would love to have that view tonight, and Ray's got it all to himself. It's pretty much all he can do to keep from thinking neener neener neener in the general direction of Chicago.
      "There's something I didn't expect."
      Horrified, Ray stares up at him--did he actually say neener neener neener out loud? He's said stranger shit in the bedroom, but--
      "You looked very smug for a moment," Fraser says. "I thought I was supposed to be the smug one. After all, I've got you precisely where I want you."


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