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Author profile: Luzula
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akamine_chan wrote in ds_profiles
Author: luzula / [personal profile] luzula / Luzula
Website/link to fic: Fic list at LJ or Fic list at DW or at the Archive of Our Own. Also, Luzula is a prolific podficcer and they are listed here or can be found at general_jinjur's Audiofic Archive here.
Fanlore page: tbc
First dS fic posted: 2007
Full disclosure: Luzula and I are good friends and we often beta for each other. She's also much cooler than me.
Pairings: Yes. Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Eric Kitikmeot, Fraser/Mark Smithbauer, Bob/Caroline, Fraser/Victoria, Maggie/Frannie, Frannie/Elaine, Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, many gen stories.
Other dS/C6D activity: Luzula is a excellent podficcer and filker. She has a charmingly talented voice that she uses effectively whether she's reading out loud, or singing. While she primarily writes in due South, she has recorded podfics from various other C6D fandoms like Hard Core Logo and Wilby Wonderful. She has also written a fascinating essay on the realities of dogsledding for ds_workshop.

Style and strengths: Luzula is an extremely flexible writer, comfortable with either extremely long stories or extremely short ones, and everything in between. She is constantly working to challenge her boundaries, stretching her writerly muscles. Her writing is clean, spare and detailed, and she loves to expore the characters.

She has a fascination with the Fraser family's background, writing stories that examine not only Benton, but his parents, and his grandparents as well.

Some favorites:

Together (F/K, G, 291 words) and The Snow and the Leaves (F/K, PG13, 950 words) - a paired set of stories set in a new ice age, a post-apocalyptic world world that seems bleak and hopeless, but isn't as long as they have each other.

Sometimes Fraser felt guilty.

It was irrational, of course, because the idea that this new ice age was somehow his fault was ridiculous. But there it was.

In Chicago's hottest summer, when he had stood guard on the stairs of the Consulate, feeling sweat soak into his uniform, he had imagined winter. The dirty streets that were thick with car exhaust would be covered with merciful white; the passers-by who pointed or jeered at him would be muffled and silenced by the cold.

It was no longer a fantasy, and there were people who had starved and frozen to death. And so, guilt.

Running (Bob/Caroline, PG13, 1,500 words), Shifting (Fraser/Kowalski, R, 3800 words) and Into The Wild (Fraser/Victoria, NC17, 9200 words) - the Fraser family has always been a little wolves. These stories are a wonderful fusion of due South with the idea of werewolves, done brilliantly by Luzula.

Caroline is down at the willows around the frozen creek, snuffling after the fresh tracks of a hare, when she hears her mother scream.

The sound is brief and choked off, but full of pain. Caroline is running for the cabin before she can think about it, and the fear hits her a moment later like a jolt of energy, speeding her paws over the snow. Her father is away trapping and hunting, and too much can go wrong living alone as they do.

It is the deep of winter, and the cold does not forgive mistakes.

Northwest Passage (F/K, PG) - Luzula took the lovely lyrics for the Stan Rogers orginal, tweaked them to fit Fraser and Ray while on the quest and recorded the song with her sister. Doubly awesome.

I am lost, I cannot read your body like the land
Although I am aware of every movement of your hands
I admire your unconscious grace as you steer the sled
Imagining your hands on me instead

Podfic of Voices in the Wind (Caroline, Benton, PG13) - one of my favorite stories that Luzula's written, and one that she podficced as well. With this, you can experience her excellent storytelling skills.

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Oh, hey, thank you so much. &hearts &hearts &hearts

And I love the stories you chose, they're some of my favorites. Although that was my very first podfic--I'm almost scared to listen to it now.

She's also much cooler than me.

Clearly you are wrong. Which one of us can operate a forklift, huh?

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