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Author Profile: Justbreathe80
thursdaynext_27 wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Justbreathe (justbreathe80)
Website/link to fic: Fic at AO3. She still has a site here, but it hasn't been updated in a few years.
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: 2006.
Full disclosure: A fan.
Pairings: F/K, K/V, F/K/V, F/V, F/OFC, K/V/OFC, Canadian Actor RPF.
Style and strengths: I came here for the (hot) Ray/Ray stories, and stayed for the rest. Justbreathe80 writes a variety of pairings, all delightfully. She finds insights into characters and relationships that feel new.

Other DS/C6D activity: Canadian Actor (CKR/HD) RPF, a few stories for Slings & Arrows and ReGenesis.

Some favourites:
A Hundred Love Letters (DS, K/V, NC-17, 8,457 words). Written for vecchiofest. One of my favorite K/V stories. Kowalski comes back from Canada in bad shape but not broken. He won't talk about what happened, but Fraser is "talking" through the letters he's sending Kowalski.  What makes this story for me is Vecchio, who's also reading the letters and has to reassess his own assumptions about what happened in Canada. And the epilogue makes me smile every time I read it. (And a bonus rec: The King of Danger.)

It was a Friday when Mimi, the new aide who'd replaced Frannie when she'd gotten knocked up, walked by Kowalski's desk and dropped a white envelope on it. Kowalski picked it up immediately and fingered the edges, going completely pale before tearing it open and pulling out the sheet of paper.

Ray was supposed to be working on his three-week backlog of paperwork that Welsh had been riding him about, but he was mesmerized, because whatever was in that letter was twisting Kowalski's face in a million different directions. Then Kowalski was standing, sending his chair tipping over onto the floor. "Fuck," Kowalski said, loud enough that Ray could hear him, before he dropped the letter and leaned down to grab his jacket, storming out of the bullpen.

He knew he shouldn't, he knew it was really fucking stupid, but Ray was already up and righting Kowalski's chair. The letter was on floor, and Ray instantly recognized Fraser's even, precise script on the paper. He picked it up, not even really meaning to read it, or even wanting to, but, god, what had Fraser done to make Kowalski like this?

If there was a reason, it was you (DS, F/Stella, F/K, NC-17, 4,238 words). Written for the 2007 DS Seekrit Santa Challenge. While Kowalski and Vecchio's shared history with Fraser and Stella comes up a lot, fewer writers touch on Fraser and Stella's shared history with them. She uses that as the springboard for an intriguing and at times challenging story of one of the trickiest DS pairings. And her Stella characterization rocks.

Fraser wasn't stupid, and he wasn't naive, no matter how people sometimes saw him. He knew that what they were doing was stupid to the extreme, and yet, every night that wasn't spent sitting painfully close to Ray on his couch watching hockey or baseball or something else, eating take out, was spent naked and lush in Stella's bed, between the 800 thread count sheets.

He felt guilty, certainly, and he knew very well, despite his lack of normal social experiences growing up, that it wasn't socially acceptable to sleep with your best friend's ex-wife.

The Rituals of Courtship (DS, F/K, NC-17, 4,014 words). I chose this one over the other Fraser/Kowalski stories because I love the buildup and great payoff.

About a month after "the stakeout incident," Ray woke up in the middle of the night, sitting straight up in bed, with the realization that, well, holy shit, he was dating Fraser, and Fraser apparently didn't put out on the first date. Or the second. Or the third, fourth, or fifth, for that matter.

Ray? Usually put out without dinner, even.

25 Things Fraser Never Told Anyone (DS, Fraser/various, PG, 2,429 words). I love this combination "5 Things"/meta piece. Her insight into Fraser--his anger, his loneliness, his honesty over his own flaws and needs--is amazing.

18. Ray Vecchio's style made Fraser's head hurt, when they first met, and there were days when Ray would show up and Fraser would have to shut his eyes tightly against the onslaught. Bright colors and hideously unnatural fabrics. He was glad when Ray's style slowly changed, glad of the softer colors and matte fabrics, and the way they felt under his fingers the first time he removed those clothes in the dark silence of his apartment.

20. Ray Kowalski was, in many ways, a better police officer than Fraser was. This was Fraser's most closely guarded secret, because his absolute confidence was part of his persona, and he leaned on that falsehood to get him through difficult cases and times where it seemed the answer, the solution would never come. Ray went with his gut, and it was admirable, because, at the heart of it, they had to understand people in order to do their jobs, and Fraser knew that people, so very often, flew directly in the face of logic.

Inch by Inch (Canadian Actor RPF, CKR/HD, NC-17, 7600 words). Written for rps_advent. Callum and Hugh, in a pornstar AU. Do I need to say anything more? (co-written with brooklinegirl).

He made the drive to the Valley and he was doing good, real good. Calm and collected and he thought that even if Callum happened to be around for some reason, that he could handle this. Play it real cool, no problem. Give the guy a handshake and be on his way. He was good.

He walked in with his duffle bag slung over his shoulder, waving at a couple of stage hands as he made his way to the dressing rooms. He had his hand on the door when it opened in front of him, and Callum was standing there, wrapped in a robe.

Hugh's fingers went numb and he dropped the duffel bag.

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The fourth story, "25 Things...," is a F/K story that bashes Ray Vecchio for breaking Fraser's heart. :-( You should have warned for that. I am sick and tired of stories that bash RayV being recommended, and I hope these authors have learned to love RayV and are ashamed of what they wrote about him.

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