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Author Profile: waltzforanight
exbex wrote in ds_profiles
Name:  waltzforanight 
Website/link to fic:   archive
Fanlore page:  TBC
First DS fic posted:  2009
Full disclosure:  I’m a fan. I list her as a friend and she has beta-read for me.
Pairings:  F/V, K/V, Vecchio/Stella, Fraser/Thatcher, Mike Sweeney/RayK
Other DS/C6 activity: waltzforanight has written stories for Californication, Flashpoint, Durham County, Wilby Wonderful, Buried on Sunday, The Invisible, and Canadian Actor RPF. She also co-moderates c6d_universe  with akamine_chan  and sionnain .

Style and strengths: waltzforanight often writes what I will term “porn with plot and character development.” Sex scenes are steamy and an extension/expression of the characters involved. She writes from a 3rd person limited point-of-view and has an uncanny way of expressing a character’s thoughts and feelings, often in the short-fic form.   I also have found that she has a knack for building a fic around seemingly small but fascinating details.

Some favorites:

sweat baby, sweat baby (Durham County/Due South; "What Else Would You Have Me Be?" verse, Mike Sweeney/Ray Kowalski, NC-17, 303 words)

An intense sex scene is balanced by the way she perfectly captures Mike's vulnerability masked by his tough exterior.  She has also mastered the "show don't tell" writing technique here by creating a captivating visual element.

Sunshine (Vecchio/Stella, NC-17, 300 words) I love the sensuality and tenderness of this piece. 

Concentric Spirals (Fraser/Vecchio, NC-17, 1622 words) The character voices are absolutely perfect in this humorous, sweet, sexy piece about a seemingly unlikely topic.

Code Words, Diva Fits and Unexpected Arrivals: A Date in Three Cliches (Fraser/Thatcher)  This is not a pairing I shipped before I read this tongue-in-cheek piece.  Between the excellent, humorous characterizations and the surprise cameo, this piece is wonderful from beginning to end.

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When you say SGA, did you mean Slings & Arrows? Just wondering. :-)

is Stargate Atlantis not C6d? I thought it had Canadian actors and was filmed there.

Oddly, it's never been included under the C6D umbrella, afaik. I think because it lacks PG and CKR and already had such a big fandom of its own. :-)


She has also mastered the "show don't tell" writing technique

She's so *good* at that :D

(Deleted comment)

Thank you so much, exbex, for your kind words. This made my day. <3

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