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Author Profile: snoopypez
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exbex wrote in ds_profiles
Author:  snoopypez 
Website/link to fic:  her LJ
Fanlore page:  TBC
First DS fic posted:  2007
Other DS/C6D activity:  Asher Talos makes the occasional appearance, for which I am grateful.  I've never seen Blade: Trinity, but Vecchio/vampire-who-looks-like-CKR is a great idea.  She also makes wonderful icons.
Full disclosure:  We have written for each other in fic exchanges.
Pairings:  Fraser/Vecchio, Ray/Ray, F/V/K
Style and Strengths:  snoopypez loves a happy ending, and the joy with which she writes is infectious.  She makes great use of humor, character development, and dialogue.  She has a knack for writing the cute/hot combination.

Some favorites:

Possible Miracle Cures  (Fraser/Vecchio):  This is a post-COTW, first-time story.  I love the tentative romance that develops from the friendship and unrequited feelings of Fraser and Vecchio, and I especially like how snoopypez took a line of dialogue from COTW and built a story from it.

Sticks and Stones (Ray/Ray, R, 1465 words):  This fic pushes a major Ray/Ray button of mine: bitching as foreplay.  Plus, it has one of her most unforgettable endings.

The Arch-Nemesis: A Study in Communications (Superhero!Fraser/Evil!Vecchio, R, 813 words):  If Due South and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog had a love child, this would be it.  I may have cried with happiness a little when I found this.  Notice the surprising, awesome ending.

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oh my god, thank you! <3 <3 <3 I'm smiling very much a lot. :D

Yay!! Sticks and Stones IS MADE OF <33333!

Every time I read "I will hit you with my cast," I die a little with happiness, lol.

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