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akamine_chan wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Lucifuge (lucifuge_5 or [personal profile] lucifuge5)
Website/link to fic: Luce @ AO3
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: 2009
Full disclosure: Luce and I are close friends.
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Kowalski/Turnbull, some gen
Style and strengths: Three words: PLOT BUNNY FARM. Luce has a wide-range of styles from serious to dark to sexy to wacky, and she's still trying out her writing wings in a lot of ways, exploring her skills in a variety of genres with a variety of characters. Nothing seems to be too over-the-top for her and she has a true talent for making the most wacky and/or loopy premise work when it really, really shouldn't. One of the best things about Luce is her amazing creativity. She generates plot bunnies like...something that generates plot bunnies and they amaze and dazzle with their originality.
Other DS/C6D activity: Luce actually started writing Hard Core Logo first, and she's written some dS/C6D crossovers, notably with Slings & Arrows and Durham County. She's also written some lovely RPF stories.
Some favourites:
Dramatis Personae (ds x Slings & Arrows, F/K, PG13) - I can't reccomend this story enough. Someone is trying to killed Geoffrey Tennant, the artistic director of the New Burbage Shakespeare Festival, and Fraser goes undercover to find the culprit before it's too late.

Fraser was lying in bed next to Ray, underneath many a cozy layer of quilts, when something in the air tickled his nose until he became semi-conscious. The atmosphere in their bedroom was growing hazy with a scent similar to ozone. He opened a cautious eye and lifted his head to get a better look. The soft movement prompted Ray to mumble something that sounded vaguely Polish and cuddle even more against him. Dief was happily snoring by the bedroom's fireplace. Fraser chose to dismiss the strange feeling of someone watching him on being more asleep than awake. Maybe he should have not had that last moose fajita Ray had made for dinner.

You Zig and Then You Zag (F/K, R) - an amazing seekrit-agent AU. Fast paced and funny and matter-of-fact, it's got a wonderfully different but still Ray voice that I love to bits. And luckily, Luce has more stories in the pipeline for her Agency 'verse. \o/

For a couple of Level-3 Covert Operatives like Fraser and me, bringing down a triple Agent like Holloway Muldoon meant having to come up with Plans B, C and Z if we wanted to keep breathing. No one had any idea of how much money had exchanged hands, but everyone knows that someone who had been active for more than thirty years can sometimes have liquid assets estimated in millions. Muldoon's very short but sure to be volatile list of clients would be looking for all that dough in lieu of one nuclear submarine that never made its final destination, never mind sending their own Operatives to take him down before he could even say boo. Didn't matter really, since the Agency would make sure he wouldn't be talking for a long time.

Hinky Cute (F/K/Turnbull, PG) - a sweet and fluffy kinky-morning-after-domestic fic, where Turnbull gets out of bed early to cook something up for his boys.

Benton was on his stomach, an almost snore coming out with every exhale. He was still wearing the leather wrist cuffs, the dark red ones with the o rings. His favourites. Ren’s eyes traveled down the pale expanse of Fraser’s back until they reached his backside. There were no bruises on it and yet, he had no doubt it would be very tender to the touch.

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