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author profile: sprat
Blade Wicked
mamaffy wrote in ds_profiles
Author: sprat
Website/link to fic: sprat's fanfiction
Fanlore page: sprat's fanlore entry
First DS fic posted: 2004
Full disclosure: I'm just admiring.
Pairings: Mainly Fraser/Kowalski, also Ray/Ray and two Frannie/Elaine fics. She wrote in other fandoms, too, most notably American Idol and SGA.
Style and strengths: Her writing is natural, vivid and effortlessly funny. Funny in that I remember stupidly grinning all the way through a couple of her stories. Her characters are true to the show with all their strengths, flaws and insecurities. Also, she is a master of strong openings which makes it hard to stop reading. Usually, one is thrown right into a certain scenario that subsequently enfolds.
There is a lot of yearning in her fics, often Kowalski POV and happy endings. The stories are often heartwarming and charming without being cheesy or over the top. She writes excellent banter and, yes, very hot porn. And as a bonus, sex scenes may include laughing or weirdness.
Many of her stories are comparably short but some feel longer. She wrote a lot of challengefic and as such many different genres or forms, f.e. first time, established relationship porn, casefic, commentfic, or bad!fic. And yep, I totally link them here to sneak in some more of my favorites.
Other DS/C6D activity: One short Wilby Wonderful story (Duck and Dan) and one Men with Brooms (gen). She was co-founder of ds_workshop, has provided hosting for dS Seekrit Santa (ds_ssdiscussion) and is one of the coordinators. She also posts screencaps and recs on her site, and meta, recs and icons in her lj.

Some favourites

Ray Is Not Actually Graphing His Relationship To Fraser... (Fraser/Kowalski, ~6200 words, explicit)
Probably her hallmark story, and rightfully so. You might think that the two of them are happy, once they did the nasty, but you'd be wrong. What follows are lots of misunderstandings and hilarious back and forth. If you like the pairing and you don't know the story, go read. There are pretty graphs.
The first time him and Fraser kissed - not the greatest kiss in the world actually. See, they'd been hanging out like usual, sitting on Ray's couch with take-out litter on the coffee table and nothing much on TV, and Ray was telling his story about the time him and Stella accidentally ended up at a Neil Diamond concert.

April After All (Ray/Ray, ~2800 words)
A love-sick Kowalski goes cruising - with some unexpected consequences. I'd love a sequel for this, but I often do.
After Ray and Fraser split, Ray goes on a couple of dates with this guy named Mike. This is at the seven-month point, when he's just starting to feel like things might be okay after all, when it's starting to look like he might actually survive. He knows this place, this hopeful place you get to after The Land of Fucked and Miserable; he's been in this place before. This is the place where you start to notice stuff again, like hey, what do you know: it's spring! and huh, somebody made me and Vecchio partners?

(Fraser/Kowalski, ~2000 words, explicit)
Kinky and exactly how I'd imagine the two of them to experiment with handcuffs. It's a game, it includes lovely weird thoughts and it's really hot.
It's dim in here, just the one lamp on Ray's bedside table turned on, all the blinds drawn closed. Ray is standing barefoot in the middle of the bedroom floor, and Fraser is taking off Ray's clothes.

Housesitting (Ray/Ray, ~2800 words, explicit)
Wonderful Ray/Ray banter followed by porn.
"Just stop it."
"Stop what?"
"Fuck, Stanley. You know what." Little fucker is just out of range, jittering around like a kid after Halloween. I throw my book at him.

(Fraser/Kowalski, ~2300 words, explicit)
This time Fraser is longing for Kowalski and it shows that she writes excellent Fraser POV also.
Ray is fucking Fraser. Not for real, unfortunately. In reality Fraser is alone in his cot at the Consulate, and Ray is out with a woman named Caroline, attending a dance club in downtown Chicago.

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Cool, thank you for the recs ;) I only read the first story you recced, looking forward to some Ray/Ray now ;)

Great, I am glad these links get clicked. :) Enjoy!

Just letting you know I've edited in your comments into her Fanlore page. Thanks for the profile!

Thanks for telling me. And for your archiving efforts. :)

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