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New profiler sign-up post
Fraser thumbs up
china_shop wrote in ds_profiles
The ds_profiles schedule runs Monday to Friday (U.S. time) for two weeks, then we take a one-week break. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Profilers are assigned a weekday, and write up one author per week for the two weeks of their round. Profilers choose their subjects, and may write up any Due South/C6D author or maker of fanworks except:
  • those who have already been profiled, and
  • themselves. :-)

Upcoming rounds
29 March - 9 April

To sign up for a round and earn major karma points, please leave a comment on this post and I'll contact you by email or private message to agree a day of the week and to give you the template.

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I can do the 14 December - 24 December round.

Yay!!! I'll contact you closer to the time to arrange a day. \o/

I would like to sign up! (I can't do anything until after Nov. 15, though.)


Awesome! \o/!! I'll contact you in a couple of weeks re the next round, yis?

I can pretty much do any of those I think.

Also am including each profile in weekly. Just a link with the name of the author/fanworks maker.

Oh excellent! Yay! I'll contact you next week. :-D

And thank you kindly. :-D

This has been so awesome, China. I'd like to do one.

Yayayay! I'll be in touch early next year. :-D

I can sign up for the next round in January.

Yayayaye! I'll be in touch nearer the time. :-D

I need to get back in a due Southey mood -- sign me up again, please!

Woot! \o/

(Does this mean Due South won the AU bidding war? ;-)

They did! I'm re-reading story notes from 2005. It's like having a Tardis. :D

Hee! Good luck with that! <3

ETA: There's always ficfinishing. Which you already knew. :-)

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I can make time for the next round.

Oh awesome! Will email you tomorrow. :-)

(Deleted comment)
There'll theoretically be one starting on Feb 22 (though I'm going to be away then, so haven't completely finalised that yet) and then another on March 15. Can you do the former, or would you prefer to wait for the latter? :-)

(Deleted comment)
Cool, thanks!! \o/

Good luck with your month!

I'll be happy to profile again during the next round on the 22nd.

Hi Ebex! China_shop is on holidays this week and next, so I thought we might leave it for a week and run another round the first week in March. Would you be available for that?


It's exbex, with two eckses (exes?), and I am all over that, whenever y'all need me :D

So Sorry! *facepalm* And thank you!

Hi. I'd like to sign up for the 15-26 March round.


If I bring it forward to start on Mon 8th, would you still be willing? (The dates for these things are a shambles, sorry.)

*checks appetite for punishment*
Sure! Later in the week would help me out, though, 'cause I have a project deadline on Monday 8th.

Awesome! Thanks, you! I'll try to get my A into G tomorrow and send some emails. :-)

I've been reading the profiles with great interest. I'd hate to see it stop. Also I'm eager to earn major karma points. So here I am, volunteering (if you're okay with a non-writer non-reccer...)

\o/ \o/ \o/ Yay! Absolutely no writing/reccing background required.

I'll email you in the next couple of days. :-)

Me! Me! Me! *needs to borrow your Willow icon*


\o/ \o/ \o/

(Gah! I should've sorted this out before I left home. Will email people tomorrow. HAI!)

Hey, I can do another round.

Awesome, yay! Will email you. :-)

I am glad to try - just let me know if you need help. :)

Ooh, yay! Will email you. :-)

I want to write a profile in 2012, but I am not ready to be assigned a date slot. I am still reading the author I want to profile (tatau). I would like to see the profile template in preparation ("proper preparation prevents poor performance").

Hi there! china_shop has handed the running of this community over to me, and I admit to having been a bit slack, lately. *g*

But! YAY for you wanting to do a profile! I will probably try and run another round sometime in January, so keep an eye out for a signup post then.

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