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Author profile: mondschein1
laurie anderson
neu111 wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Giulietta/mondschein1
Website/link to fic: Giulietta's Lair, Giulietta at DSA, fic by category
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: 2005
Full disclosure: I've just read a lot of her stories
Pairings: mostly Fraser/Kowalski, one Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, occasional gen or het (Vecchio/Angie, Fraser/Victoria, Kowalski/Stella, Vecchio/Stella).
Style and strengths: Due South is her primary fandom but she also writes original stories and fic in C6D, Earth: Final Conflict, Stargate: Atlantis, Torchwood or Doctor Who. She's a prolific writer, she likes to explore adventurous paths, playing with format or colors and writing in different genres, whether they're crossovers, scifi, kid!fic or crack!fic or a mix of them. Her writing range goes from snippets to epic series, from slash to gen, be it preslashy or not. She's got a clever hand at her characters, making them even more alive with a generous use of dialogues, and she creates full-fledged OC's. She writes angst, lots of angst, often with happy endings but she's not afraid to go to darker themes - sometimes but not always soothing the pain with humor, ghosts or guardian angels. She can do heart-warming fluff all the same. She also experiments in other domains, like podfic, fan art and she has produced a smart due SOUTH Meme.
Other DS/C6D activity: fics for Hard Core Logo, Wilby Wonderful, Slings & Arrows

Some favourites:

Vigilante and its sequels Visiting Hours and Passing the Gun (Fraser and Kowalski, gen or "dubious and futile preslash" for the second one, R for violence, ~160 k)
A dark AU of Ray Kowalski turned gun for hire in his youth. His encounter with Fraser forces him to reflect on his actions, and these are not happy thoughts although Fraser is sympathetic to his motives. A subtle depiction of Fraser/Vecchio friendship. Sort of unfinished but definitely worth reading as is.

Ray swallows hard and chews his lip. "What're you gonna -- "

"You know already," Tess says, and Ray realizes he does -- that he's got a knot in his gut, because he's already guessed. "What you want to know is when and where, right? Except you're not gonna ask. So I'll just say, and save you the trouble. Wednesday at midnight, this address." She hands him an index card; he doesn't look at it right away. "You'll need to be quiet when you get there -- look for me somewhere with good altitude and plenty of cover. I'll be there."

"You don't know I'll show," Ray reminds her, wanting to get some of her swagger back on his side -- he's not gonna just sit here and quiver like his knees're made out of Jell-O. "I could tell the cops."

Tess pauses on her way out. "Yeah, sure," she says cheerfully. "'Course you could." She winks at him. "Just remember Stella when you do, okay?"

The Koosh Series (F/K, slash, PG, 80 k)
Often recced, this is a happy-making alien!kid!fic in four parts. A baby Hrung lands in Fraser and Kowalski's lives while they're working out their first time.

"You're not going to leave him, are you?"

"Nah." Ray tucks the sleeve of the tunic into Koosh's side; Koosh's fur makes a soft whirring sound when it touches Ray's fingers. "Though I gotta tell you, Fraser, this is not what I meant when I said I wanted to get married and have kids."

Catching Fish and Killing Grizzlies (F/K, slash, PG-13, 56 k)
First time quest story told in Fraser's POV first, then Kowalski's. As the author put it, "Ray heads up north and, because he is just that chivalrous, confesses his highly tactless attraction to Fraser. Fraser isn't cooperating, as usual, and actually doesn't seem to mind. This freaks Ray out. They settle in for a nice, long, stand-offy period of angst -- and then Bolt shows up and foils their plans. Fooey. "

"Uh, Fraser, I gotta ask you something."


"Are we really gonna find the Hand? The reaching out one?"

Fraser hesitates for only a second. No. No more lies. The inability to admit the truth got him into this. "No," he says quietly, "no, I don't suppose we will. Barring an act of God." He waits, expecting some disgusted outburst.

Instead, Ray just nods. "Okay." He glances at Fraser, brow suspiciously flat and uncreased. "Mind if we keep going anyway?"

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Here's the link to Giulietta's shiny new fanlore page:


Thank you :-)

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