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author profile: prudence_dearly
exbex wrote in ds_profiles
Author: prudence_dearly (prudence_dearly)
Website/Link to fic: Her LJ tags will lead you to her masterpieces.
Fanlore page: TBC arly
First DS fic posted: October 2008
Full Disclosure: Pru and I are mutual flisters and have beta’ed for one another, as well as writing ficlets for each other.
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Vecchio, Vecchio/Kowalski
Style and strengths: Pru’s stories are especially strong in character development and accurately capturing the voices of said characters. Pru generally focuses on the subtleties of romance over extravagant displays or explicit love scenes (which is not to say that she can’t write a steamy scene when the occasion calls for it). Her mastery of the English language is demonstrated particularly well when she delivers humorous details with a kind of subtlety and almost dead-pan delivery. Pru is great at balancing angst and humor in a fic.

Some favorites:

Seeing Me Like This (Ray/Ray, PG, 3450 words)

Pru teases us through this story by making us worry, then making us laugh. She gets bonus points from me for Ray and Ray being all protective of one another.

Deathfic, Part I

Deathfic, Part II

Deathfic, Part III

A trio of short deathfics featuring Fraser and Vecchio (gen). I love darkfic, and Pru delivers realistically, sensitively, and beautifully in these three short pieces. I especially love the way she threads the themes of fear and uncertainty through the three.

Lingering at the Door (Vecchio, Kowalski, with past V/K and F/K, PG, about 2500 words)

I love this story that demonstrates so much of Pru’s talent. She has taken a deathfic/breakup fic and made it into a sensitive and surprisingly uplifting buddy fic, with a perfect blend of humor and angst.

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Here's the link to Pru's page:

Sorry to take so long. They are playing with wiki formatting and I was hoping it would be sorted soon, but it seems to be taking a while so I just decided to put in the info anyway and we'll clean up formatting later if needed. \o/

yay! thank you :D

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