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Author Profile: Pares
merg - dief
mergatrude wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Pares, aka kormantic
Website/link to fic: the ska lab
Fanlore page: Pares' wiki page
First DS fic posted: 1999
Full disclosure: I'm just an admirer.
Pairings: Fraser, Vecchio, Kowalski, Stella, Frannie
Style and strengths: Pares writes wonderful characterisations, without glossing over the scars and bruises. She swung both Rays before it became popular and moves easily between gen, het and slash.
Other DS/C6D activity: Pares has written a couple of Hard Core Logo stories, Your Theoretical Heaven and sucker's bet.
Some favourites:

Mr In-Between. Ray Vecchio and the people that matter to him.

She didn't realize she'd been screaming until later, when her voice was raspy and she was trying not to look at Huey while he took her statement.

"And then what happened, Miss Vecchio?"

Frannie kept her eyes in her lap and someone shoved a mug of her ma's hot chocolate in her line of sight. She recognized Gardino's gaudy fake Rolex. A gift from his wife.

"Um. You know. I guess Guy tried to get away or something. There was... there was a struggle. And then Ma called the cops." She shrugged, and took a tiny sip of the cocoa.

"Do you want us to get you a doctor?"

She was shaking her head, and she could hear Ray, his flat nasal voice, "--creep was resisting arrest, and that's all there is to it."

"No, that's okay. Just a little rattled." Another hot little curl of sweet cocoa and she managed a long, shaky breath.

She wouldn't look up and she could tell Huey didn't believe her for a minute, but there was the final murmur to her mother and in the end, only Guy was taken away in cuffs.

head case Fraser/Kowalski. This story first appeared in the 2002 due South zine Duet. Ray's dreaming about Canada and getting Fraser to "read" his head.

He'd been dreaming about Canada, Fraser's Canada. And Fraser had been dreaming about it, too.

Something about the way Fraser had been looking at him ever since Maggie Thatcher had gone back home felt like bad news. Felt like a build up to a break up.

Maybe Stella had given him a sixth sense about this stuff. Maybe he knew Fraser was leaving. Maybe Fraser was only just realizing it himself.

"Just. Close your eyes. Okay?"

Fraser closed his eyes immediately and Ray took his hat off his head and set it on the table by the door. He could hear his keys skid on the table under the hat, and he took a deep breath.

A deep, Fraser-flavored breath.

He shook himself out, like he was warming up for a sparring match, tossed his head and shifted his shoulders, working the kinks out.

Maybe Fraser Senior was his emergency back up Canadian. So that when Fraser was gone, he could still get a Mountie fix.

Maybe he'd just been hit harder in the head than he'd thought.

But if Fraser was leaving, Ray wanted at least one chance at him while he was still stateside. Something to confess to the department shrink, because when Fraser left, he'd need somebody to talk to.

Kowalski. This is a story about Stella. I like Stella, even if she isn't nice all the time. Why should she be?

Stella Kowalski nee Palmer had taken Ray's name because she liked it; she liked how it sounded, she liked what it stood for. It was a blue collar Polack tough guy name. It came with Ray's tense shoulders, his boxing stance, that little wag of his head that said You wanna take a swing at me? And she'd wanted just a touch of that. There was more to being a lawyer than courtroom polish, and if she wanted to get anywhere, she'd need to have some Chicago steel under that string of pearls.

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I've updated the fanlore page to show your comments. Thanks for already linking to the page.

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