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Author/Artist Profile: JS Cavalcante
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akamine_chan wrote in ds_profiles
Author: JS Cavalcante (j_s_cavalcante)
Website/link to fic: Her writing is being archived at the AO3 here, alas, there's no way to archive art at AO3 yet. So, her art can be found at her LJ, using her art tag here. Her LJ is friends locked, but she gladly gives access to anyone of legal age.
Fanlore page: J S Cavalcante
First DS fic posted: March 2006
Full disclosure: JS and I are good friends and we often beta for each other.
Pairings: For her writing, JS mainly writes Fraser/Kowalski, but has written many other characters and pairings, including Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, Fraser/Jack Huey, Kowalski/Other, Kowalski/Stella, and Stella/Vecchio. For her art, she tends to draw Ray Kowalski, but Fraser and Dief are also popular subjects.
Style and strengths: JS is one of the best writers in the due South fandom. She's honed her talent and skill from years of being a writer. She excels at storytelling, and her instinctive format is the novel. Canon-characterization is very important to her, and it shows in the little details of her characters. She is always asking herself, "What happens next?" and pushing herself to show what is next to her readers. JS often pulls readers in with her lyrical and emotional writing style, leading readers over a painfully bumpy road, but always tying up all the loose ends happily and satisfactorily.

Artwise, JS has improved her skills and techniques over the past couple of years. She's becoming quite proficient with oils, pastels, acrylics, watercolors and pencils. Her art featuring Ray Kowalski is marvelous and it's been fascinating to watch her get better and better at her art.

Other DS/C6D activity: She has written a Hard Core Logo story One Last Fuck, Courtesy of Joe Dick - there maybe other C6D stories hidden somewhere.

Some favorites:
Anima (Fraser/Kowalski, 90,770 words, NC17)

JS calls Anima the bookend to isiscolo's Being Ray Kowalski. In Isis' story, Rae Kowalski, a female CPD detective, is transported to an alternate universe where she has always been a man and shows how she struggles with the change. JS' story is the flip side of that: Ray Kowalski finds himself transported to an alternate universe in which he has always been a woman, Rae Kowalski. Who just happens to be married to Benton Fraser.

JS explores the concept of gender through the eyes of Ray-as-a-woman, presenting it in a believable and sensitive manner. Anima also has some of the most amazingly realistic original characters that are not easily forgotten. This is a long, satisfying read that will put a smile on your face.

Tip, Slide, Tumble (Fraser/Kowalski, 44,163 words, NC17)

Tip, Slide, Tumble tells the story of Jackson Brown, an orphaned four year old about to be thrown into an uncaring social services system. It also tells the story of Ray Kowalski, who cannot bear the thought of that happening, who knows that if he lets go of Jackson, he'll never forgive himself, never be able to look at himself in the mirror again.

JS does a wonderful job of drawing the reader into Ray's life, into Jackson's life, and showing us how impossible the whole idea seems. Yet with determination and some Mountie stubbornness, Ray finds that together they can do anything, even become the family he's always wanted.

Not One Sparrow Falls (Fraser/Kowalski, 9,885 words, NC17)

Ray has a secret he's been keeping from Fraser, and Fraser is bound and determined to find out what that secret is. Stubborn, determined, relentless, Fraser digs and digs until he finds the answers, and he's not sure what to do now.

This story is a lyrical and lovely exploration of the intricacies of Ray and Fraser. As always, JS has their voices down pat, and she marries the religious concepts of falling from grace and redeption with due South canon in an amazing way.

Adventure Bound (Dief, mixed media/acrylic, G)

Dief, on the Quest, leading the way. JS did such an excellent job with this painting, using deft brushstrokes to capture Dief's little face, his lolling tongue, his drive and determination (to eat donuts, that is). It amazes me how she manages to capture his doggy spirit in this painting. And all the other details - his scarf, the trees and mountains in the distance - they add so much life to the painting.

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Fanlore page question

I've started a page, but I've gotten myself confused...

Is there a consensus whether she prefers to use JS or J.S. or J_S_ ?? I get so confused with people's names doing these fanlore pages! If you could check with her and let me know, I can fix all the links in the wiki to the preferred usage. Oh! And whether she wants it to index under 'J' or 'C'? Thanks!

I'll give you the link once we have the page name settled.

it's the librarian in me - I can't stand to get the name authority wrong!!!

Re: Fanlore page question

Dewey, as in Decimal System? Nice to meet you! I was an editor, and I hate to get names wrong, too.

So here I am to answer your question (akamine_chan kindly directed me here)...

My preference is:

J S Cavalcante

The reason it appears in different forms is that various editors and websites haven't always respected my preference, choosing instead to make the name conform to their preferred styles. The underscores are simply substitutes for spaces in sites where spaces aren't allowed.

However, whether you index under J or C isn't a big issue to me. C would be the traditional way to do it, but in this new era of the Internet almost everyone puts it under J. Computers are to blame. :) If I'm looking for my name somewhere, I either look under C and J both, or I make the computer search for it. Time is the enemy. :)

You'll want me to choose, though, so...okay, use J, please. There's a scientist in Brazil who publishes under the same name, and no doubt he is always indexed under C. So put me under J. Thanks! :)

(And by the way, I've just seen the page you started, and I'm amazed. You even put in some of the STIFfies and all those zines...sheesh. Even some stuff I'd rather not own up to. :) Very impressive work you've done there.)

Re: Fanlore page question

I think what I showed you was stuff that had been entered by others - when I searched for "Cavalcante" a lot of your old 'zine stuff shows various permutations of your name...*g*

Once brave and hardworking Dewey finishes your page we can always go back and correct those old links so they lead to your page - that's the joy of wikis - anyone can edit them.

Hee. And Jorge Santiago Cavalcante is a biologist...

Edited at 2010-02-10 07:27 am (UTC)

Re: Fanlore page question

1) Oh, thanks. Sorry. You know, it didn't occur to me that anyone else would have done that! I am amazed in any case. And I do know from wikis. I just wasn't aware this one was up and running.

2) Well, Dewey is cool either way.

3) I know. He studies BRAINS, Aka. ;)

Edited at 2010-02-10 07:33 am (UTC)

Re: Fanlore page question

(oops - posted under wrong thread - too many screens open!)

and yes, Dewey as in Decimal. (not as in a certain dS character!)

Thank you so much! Problem with wikis is that the weblink address is the page name/person's name as well, so you have to get it correct at the creation. I prefer getting the knowledge from the horse's mouth, but feel stalkery just posting random comments on folks LJ. So Yay!

And yeah, I started the page, but can't take credit for the awards or zine stuff. I love the way these things evolve. \o/

I've redirected the page and I'll clean up what else I can find. Hope it doesn't give the Fanlore gardeners fits the way I did it. *g* I just did it the way we do on the work wiki...

Okay - here's the correct link:

- the underscores are just in the web address, the actual page is in the correct form with spaces. *g* (and I think I've cleaned up all the other links...)

Updated the entry; thanks muchly!

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