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Author profile: Aristide, or Cimmerians
spuffyduds wrote in ds_profiles
Author: aristide, or cimmerians
LiveJournal: cimmerians
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: Unclear--she seems to write under "aristide" and under "cimmerians," which is apparently a collective name but I think it's for two different parts of her writing persona rather than two different people, and under "aristide and bone," which I THINK actually IS two different people, so I'm leaving those out, though I like them, so that bone can get profiled separately.

The two favorites I'm linking to seem to represent the majority of her solo output, but, luckily, they're both long fics.
Full disclosure: Heh, I think the fact that I'm not sure how many people she is makes it clear that I don't know her to any meaningful extent.
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski.
Style and strengths: Hilarious, spot-on RayK voice. And the sex, oh man, the sex. She manages to make the sex INSANELY hot without falling into the trap of shifting from a detailed, specific character voice into "generic pretty sex description"--the sex is STEAMING and it is still very, very clearly Ray and Fraser who are HAVING it.
Other DS/C6D activity: None that I can find, alas, and she seems to have drifted away from writing altogether, unless she's using a different name.
Some favourites:

Haven--a post-COTW, first-time, hurt-comfort with a bewildered cabin-fevery Ray and a heartbreakingly worried Fraser. Fabulous funny sex, and in one conversation the most perfect off-handed "oh YEAH, that is exactly how it had to be" description of Ray's feelings for Stella I've ever read.

"It took me two days to get us here," Fraser said quietly, holding out the mug, and something in his voice made Ray take it right away. Fraser sat down in a wood folding chair that was set up next to the bed, and ran a hand over his hair. "You had... you were suffering from a severe case of hypothermia as well, Ray. That's why you were unconscious." Fraser looked at him then, finally, a hard, determined look that Ray hadn't seen in a long time. "But you're fine, you'll be just fine. Now drink your broth."

Ray suddenly wanted to put the mug down so he could lift up the blankets and take a look at himself, to see what was going on under his longjohns, except maybe he didn't want to look. "I didn't freeze anything off, did I? 'Cause I need... everything. All my component parts."


"Foreign Territory" is a first-time fic in which Ray really wants to impress Fraser with his derring-do, but is totally startled that Fraser is already impressed in another way entirely. He slowly acclimates to the idea in a multi-step, believable, completely hilarious way. Oh and there's the really unmissable scene with the vibrator. HEE.

Ray hit the ladder with a clang, and Fraser signaled to him that he was going to go up through the building to the roof so they'd have the guy pinched. Ray nodded, and started up. At first he meant to go only a little way up, enough so Mr. Olympic Lawyer couldn't jump down past him (because on flat ground the guy was a fucking *streak*), but once he started climbing there was that voice, the one that said maybe he should go a little higher, a little further, because Fraser would undoubtedly peer over the edge of the building at any moment (when he was sure to say something very Mountielike to their perp, something in Canadian that translated roughly to 'oh, you bad, bad law-breaking person, you see now that Crime Does Not Pay, A-ha-ha!'), and there was no need for Fraser to think he was pussy about heights, which he was not. Much.

And then, when he had really gone as high as he wanted to, he went a little higher because Fraser still hadn't appeared and it looked like maybe Mr. Bad Guy-Lawyer-Perp might actually make the roof first, which would suck. Which is when the bad guy put on a burst of speed and started climbing like a demon, and Ray wondered what had happened until a horrible screech-creak-squeal filled his ears, and he felt the ladder sway beneath him. He started climbing like a demon himself and forgot all about the Olympic Lawyer for the moment, because he was far too high now to back down safely and if this baby went with him on it that would *suck*, that would be, that was gonna be, that was...

That was happening. Ray scrambled, boosted, lunged and grabbed, and the next thing he knew he was dangling seven stories off the ground, hearing the ladder fall behind him with a hollow, clanging crash.

Foreign Territory

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Chiming in uninvited...

Her other writing name is Mairead Triste, and you can find a bit more that's she's written under that name, including her work in a few other fandoms.

As far as other C6D writing goes, off the top of my head I can think of First Come, First Served which she co-wrote with Amy B. who is coreopsis on LJ.

And yes, Bone is another person, aka thisisbone. :-)

Re: Chiming in uninvited...

Oh YAY there's MORE! Thanks you for sharing!!!

Foreign Territory is one of my fave fics ever - the vibrator scene being one of the reasons.

And how cool that you posting this has resulted in more info on her, including more fic!

Oh, man, so cool to see this recommendation of one of my favorite people and writers! She writes both as Aristide and Mairead Triste, and you can find a bunch of her fiction (due South, and also Highlander and Sentinel) at the grand and glorious old House of Slack Homeless Shelter, launched years ago by zen&Nancy (zen = vagabondage) and which I am delighted to see is still up.

Oh! Thanks! Glad to see that is still around. I added the link to the fanlore page using since Aristide and Mairead Triste had separate pages in the Shelter.

It's like a treasure hunt!

Aristide/Mairead Triste already had a fanlore page (thank goodness because I wasn't sure how to handle the double name!) but I added all the info from you and the posters above. So yay!

Here's the link to add to your post:

[Between her and Bone it is a wonder I haven't melted away from all the hotness. First in Sentinel then dS... *fans self*]

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