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Author Profile: Dilanne Tomas
Aingeal name by Loz
aingeal8c wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Dilanne Tomas
Website/link to fic: Dilanne Tomas's fics on the Squidge Archive and a blog for Dilanne Tomas with lots more stories in dS, Sentinel and SG1
Fanlore page: Dilanne Tomas's Fanlore
First DS fic posted: The only dated fic I can find states the date as October 1999
Full disclosure: I have never met Dilanne Tomas in any shape or form.
Pairings: Gen
Style and strengths: Essentially imagine the drama of a due South episode in gen fic form and you have the great gen fic Dilanne Tomas wrote. She captures those moments with character insights. The dram and plot serving to reveal more about the characters. She is particularly good at highlighting the depth of friendship between Fraser and Ray Vecchio. And her fic is of a style you can imagine in the dark drama of some episodes, capturing what lies underneath real character moments.
Other DS/C6D activity: As far as I know nothing but then again she was most active before C6D was heard of.
Some favourites: There are only 4 fics available at the Squidge archive and they are all good. The formatting is not great with them. I think a result of the old Hexwood uploading system. Don't overlook the fic because of it.

Heaven and Hell (Gen, R).
This is a pretty dark fic. There's a serial killer on the loose and Garrett (from the episode 'Heaven and Earth) holds the clues to stopping the guy. This is very satisfying casefic with the added interest that it is Ray who must piece the clues together in order to save Fraser. There are lots of great moments that define the Fraser&Vecchio friendship in the same way canon does as it deals with the aftermath of 'Juliet is Bleeding' too.
Extract: Why hadn't the psychic warned them about all that? Just a little, "don't let Gardino open that door,"or a "don't run into Zuko's house,""don't pull Irene out of that room,"or maybe a simple, "listen to your friend, he's got it right,"any of those, or a dozen others, might have helped.

Watcher In the Night (Gen, G)
Described as a PWP this has more to it than that. This is Bob Fraser's POV, about fathers and sons and what he has taught Benton. It's also heartbreaking that the revelations about fatherhood have technically come too late for him to make a difference. It also answers the question - what was Bob thinking abandoning Benton in the woods when he was six?
Extract:Had generations of fathers protected, unseen and without prompting from their forebears? Or, did all fathers (but his) tell their sons, "by the way, stand by -- stand near -- in case the boy gets into trouble?"

This is Fraser struggling to cope with the urban enviroment on a few levels but it also shows what Ray Vecchio does to try and ease things for him. A reslly nice portrayal of their friendship.
Extract:He raised a hand from his side and let it drop onto his chest. The white cotton tank stuck to his skin, in fact every part of him felt sticky-wet with perspiration. Not the clean perspiration he might have gotten from a days healthy exertions back home, but the tacky sheen caused by heat and humidity and pollution. City grit and sweat. He felt not only hot but dirty.

Fraser is in trouble and refuses to talk to Ray Vecchio. Here we see Ray's attempts to understand why and try and break through his friend's silence. Even though Fraser's not willing him to tell him the truth or the full story Ray is still his friend and does what friends do - helps him, even though he's not sure what the cause of the issue is. This is how hurt/comfort should be done in a gen fic.
Extract:Now he drew up to the bars of the cell and forced his eyes to take in what they wanted to avoid. The battered, disheveled form of the man who had come to be his best friend in the world. The Canadian jerk who had become his brother. No other word could embrace what that man meant to him.

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Here’s the Fanlore page link to be edited into your post:


You may be pleased to know that I found a blog for Dilanne Tomas with lots more stories in dS, Sentinel and SG1:

SDorry for the late reply.

Thank you for those links. Particularly the fic link. I'll be checking that out myself.

Both have been edited in.

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