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I am up for this, but I think I missed some info somewhere, namely when does it start? This week on into next Monday is NUTS for me, so I could not really get one ready for next week.

Yayay! \o/ Would the second round, starting the 23rd, work for you?

Wooot! Will email you closer to the time. :-)

Heya, just wanted to check you got my email. :-)

Hi! Sounds good! You probably talked about this before and I missed it because I am not really here. ANYWAY, \c/

(One rec per day sounds a lot though. I hope you can keep that up.)

(I hope so, too. It means having five people signed up to write two each, which should be do-able, at least in theory. Are you putting your hand up for the next round? *hopeful*)


I can do this, but not immediately, because I just signed up to rec over at ds_recsredux. Maybe you could have a list of which weeks will be active profiling weeks so one can see the schedule and decide when to sign up?

Yay! And excellent idea -- I've made a new post for that purpose. How's that?

This is a great idea, and I much enjoyed reading the profiles which have been posted until now, they'll be a great resource to come back to. Congrats! &hearts

Yays! Wonderful resource!

First post of 2015. Posting to show activity in the comm.

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