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Author profile: arrow00
ds rayk/fraserduet
spuffyduds wrote in ds_profiles
Author: arrow00
Link to fic: here
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: January 2007
Full disclosure: arrow00 and I are mutual flisters, and have gotten to hang out together a couple of times; she's delightful in person, but I fell hard for her fic before I ever met her!
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski.
Style and strengths: Arrow's fic can be so, so incredibly funny. Or so incredibly angsty. And it is almost always incredibly sexy. Her character voices are spot-on; her Ray Kowalski is perfection, frenetic and emotional and hilarious. And her Fraser-voice, which I personally think is a lot more difficult to get right, is gorgeous: poetic and a bit detached, and wanting so much not to be detached. And, lucky us, she has written a LOT.
Other DS/C6D activity: Sadly, none. She's written some lovely Sentinel fic, though!
Some favourites:

In this established-relationship fic, RayK gets, well, slimed. And it's Fraser's fault, so Fraser has to give him a buzz-cut to get it out of his hair, and there's loving snark and Ray getting frantically turned on from the razor buzzing over his head and then there's HOT HOT SEX and the best mangling of a mild epithet EVER.

It went faster after that, but Ray was still in a blissed-out boner coma by the time Fraser made the last swoop and stepped back to turn on the sink and wash up.

Ray ran his hands over his head and—wow—that was pretty short. But it felt good, too, all crisp and stiff.

"Oh, Ray," Fraser said when Ray lifted his head. And then Fraser was crowding close and running his palms along Ray's temples, past his ears and down. Ray shuddered, and Fraser made a really sexy sound, almost a whimper, which turned Ray on past breathing.


Here's a first-time fic with light bondage. Fraser and RayK are tied up--facing each other, of course. In a steaming hot boiler room--of course. By the Mario Brothers. Of course.

Fraser is wiggling all over the place trying to get them free and it is damaging Ray's calm.

Then he bends his knees and starts squirming down (I just fucking knew there'd be squirming.) His shirt starts riding up, and the farther down he moves the less slack there is in his arms, and the tighter he is pushed against me; or, more specifically, my hard-on, which is now trying to poke through my boxer briefs for some direct contact with his smooth, slick abdomen.

Unfair. Unfair and inhuman and inhumane and holy crap—call me 'Trigger', but I'm close to coming, that quick. I so do not want to come on Fraser, not like this, like he's some poor, jaded lap-dancer without a choice and I'm the sleazy cigar-smoker in the back with the wilted twenty.


This five-times fic, with the theme of "tease" running through it, has such a perfect Fraser voice--studying Ray, absorbing every detail, obsessing and yearning and hoping. In this sample Ray is teasing Dief by playing keepaway with a tennis ball:

"Oops." Ray's throw is slightly off-center, and he has to reach back, his body arching to make the catch. Dief makes an aborted lunge.


Dief whines his disappointment. Fraser swallows, watching the sheen of sweat glistening on Ray's Adam's apple as he speaks.

"Oooh, close one. Wanna get your mouth on it, don'tcha? I mean you can practically taste it, can't you?"

I do. I can, Fraser doesn't say.

Five Things Fraser Does Not Say to Ray Kowalski

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Could you please edit your entry to include this link to Arrow's new fanlore page?


Arrow has written some Fraser/Vecchio too. And those stories are very good - too bad she became exclusively F/K. I would edit her profile to mention this and provide a link to at least one F/V story - maybe "Heavy as Hope."

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