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Author Profile: Spuffyduds
inathunderstorm wrote in ds_profiles
Author: spuffyduds
Website/link to fic: Spuffy's Fic!
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: 2007
Full disclosure: Spuffy and I have actually been LJ friends for several years prior to my finding my way to dS fandom, so we're pretty good pals! Also I read one of her fics before I'd ever seen an EPISODE of dS and didn't know who the characters *were*. I just knew that if dS fandom had a writer like Spuffy, it must be an awesome place indeed (happy to say, I was right!). I read every single fic she's written in dS before I actually finished the show. :D?
Pairings: F/K, F/K/V, K/V, F/V. Billy/Joe, Callum/Hugh. AND MORE!
Style and strengths: Her Ray Kowalski FILLS ME WITH GLEE, okay, I love the way she writes him so much. Really I love *anyone* Spuffy writes, because she always *nails* the character-voices perfectly, no matter who it is she's writing. She writes some of the best dialogue ever, and it just *snaps* and sparks and crackles (like Rice Krispies, but better!) right off your screen! Her fics have a rhythm to them that I find incredibly distinctive and amazingly awesome--her style is so active and really engages the reader. It's very crisp and rhythmic, and I adore it. Her fics range from the smoking hot to the hilarious to the adorable to the angsty, and she can actually put all of that in one fic, not even lying. \spuffy/
Other DS/C6D activity: AMAZING Callum/Hugh, I'm going to get her to write me some Durham County VERY SOON, Fantastic Slings and Arrows fic, Hard Core Logo, lots of awesome things!
Some favourites:

I am including many genres of fics, so that you may see how Spuffy is awesome.

In the Sewers He Lies Dreaming. Fraser, Vecchio (gen), Due South/Lovecraft crossover in which Fraser and Vecchio deal with the Elder Gods. I seriously laughed so hard reading this I almost cried. I actually made my husband read it, who loves Lovecraft and who watched due South with me (he had no choice, it was always on during my first watch-through LOL) and he too was cracking up laughing.

“What are you going to do, count its suckers? Jesus. Stay in here. You can’t do anything. This is gonna require—SWAT helicopters, and the Army. Monster-movie stuff. Besides, your sweatpants will probably enrage it, or something.”

Fraser looks at him blankly.

“They’re red, Benny.”

Fraser cocks his head. “That’s a myth about bulls, and in this case an emotional response is highly unlikely. Though I do find myself unable to remember whether cephalopods have color vision.” He actually looks disappointed in himself for that, and Ray drops his face into his hands and groans, and Fraser, the bastard, takes advantage of that to sprint past him, out into the street again.

Prepping for Adventure, due South, Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio. I looooooooove OT3 fic SO MUCH okay, and this one just makes me absolutely beam-y and happy. I really love Vecchio in this, especially the hints of his time in Vegas and how he processes all that. The fic is really cool, alternating between Vecchio's prep for his time as Langoustini, and the post-CotW quest (in which all boys participate, which is reason a million I love this fic) in which the boys get ready to be a triad! There's such great Vecchio here--he's so funny and snarky and adorable! While I love the whole thing, I have to say my favorite scene is between Vecchio and Frannie--it captures their dynamic perfectly, and it always makes me smile.

Once he got out of the hospital he thought everything would feel pretty much normal again, as normal as it could with Fraser gone, but it turned out there was still a lot of the Bookman around, between Ray and his family, between him and the world. He was starting to get a little panicked about it, starting to think about the department's very strong suggestion that he see a shrink, much as he hated the idea. But then it turned out that the secret to jumpstarting normalcy was Frannie.

She was driving him around in his okay-until-he-found-another-Riviera car, while he went from city office to city office trying to get his driver's license restored, because it had expired while he was in Vegas. He had a valid one, except that it had his picture but a dead mob guy's signature, which seemed to confuse the bureaucrats. She pulled up outside city hall and did a pretty decent parallel-parking job, which he was never going to tell her. Ray turned in his seat and said (in this really chilly voice that he was having a hard time dropping) "Stay right here, and don't get fucking nail polish on the upholstery this time, capisce?"

Frannie rolled her eyes at him. "Capisce??" she said. "What are you, Marvin Brando?"

And "capisce" just--fell away from him. Dropped like a peeled-off plate of armor; he could almost hear the clang. Left an open spot with the air coming in, and Frannie reached across and poked him hard right there in the chest with one finger. Poked right where it was all Ray.

Ray leaned across and grabbed her, banging an elbow on the steering wheel and hugging the hell out of her.

"Whuh?" she said.

"You've, uh. You've gotten really good at parallel parking," Ray said.

"You're a nut job," she said, but she was smiling at him when he got out of the car.

Going Fast, Coming Undone Callum/Hugh, Canadian Actor RPS. Okay, I've read this a thousand times. No, really, I have. And there is this one scene in here that makes me laugh with glee and just CLAP IN JOY whenever I read it. And I am thrilled to be able to post the excerpt so that you too can see why this is AWESOME, and it's so visual I can *see* it. (It's the bit with Hugh and the bus driver). Also FYI, this fic is smoking hot. I mean, it's really, really hot. And there's affection and tension and it's just PERFECT, and really not kidding when I say I've read this 29843947329432 times.

Hugh cracks up, and by the time they get to the bus and up the steps Callum's in a serious riff about no, really, that scene with the riverboat and "we're certainly not showing any signs that we are slowing" is fucking scary and if you slow down the tape there's all this weird shit and a quick shot of a chicken getting its head chopped off, and maybe we could get Bruce to mix a quick chicken shot in with the goat thing as an homage? And Hugh's still laughing, and it lets Callum ignore all the curious looks they get from the guys on the bus.

The driver gives them an unignorable death glare, though, says, "Maybe if we're DONE with all our CONFERENCES, we could LEAVE?" and Hugh makes an ornate bow, says, "Certainly, be my fucking guest."

Destination, Billy/Joe, Hard Core Logo. WARNING: suicide (and not the one you might think). I read this fic, and I stared at it, and I read it again. And I broke out into shivers, and I WOW. This fic is a lot like the movie HCL itself--complex, swirling and dark, with an ending that just hits you and shakes you all up. Very affecting, stark and simple and perfectly Billy/Joe.

The first thing that happens is the last thing he expects; Joe comes out of an alley, falls into step with him. So okay, Billy's tripping harder, more fucked up than he realized, but it's the most perfect hallucination; the same scutching sound from Joe's black boots, the same spiked hair, the same smells of smoke and stage-sweat. Same old Joe.

The wings are new, though, and Billy has to stop walking to laugh at that. Wings.

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Thank you for putting Destination here, ma'am! I was just thinking about it a few days ago, and could not remember who wrote it, or even the title. And now I got to re-read it!

Dude. You've got Fraser and Ray in a Due South/Lovecraft crossover confronting the Elder Cods. Which is awesome. I almost didn't mention it, because I was afraid you might CHANGE IT.

HAHAAH omg, I totes fail at spelling. ::laughs crazily::

Awesome recommendations, thanks. :D I know Going Fast, Coming Undone - it is amazing! And you are right about the dialogue, it's really addcitive to read. I will try your other pics also. Destination will be first. \o/

You are so, so sweet. Thank you.

Also I am totally going to podfic "Destination" fyi. I LOVE that fic AIEEEE. ::twirls you::

No worries--you were the person whose fic I devoured in dS fandom when I first got here, and I wanted you to be my first profile! You're my first, Spuffy. ::giggles::

New page:

To sionnain: Would it be possible for you to edit your entry to include this? Thanks!

And to everyone: Feel free to edit the fanlore page and add to it. Any questions? Just ask!

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