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Author Profile: Etcetera-Cat
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umbrella_half wrote in ds_profiles
Author: etcetera_cat
Website/link to fic: ~~~etcetera-cat's den~~~
First DS fic posted: 2006?
Full disclosure: I don’t know etcetera_cat.
Style and strengths: A lot of E-C’s work tends to the lyrical – it’s full of really lovely images and description. It’s very much show rather than tell; building up a picture of what’s going on through little brushstrokes. The end result is not only satisfying in terms of narrative, it’s also really beautiful. E-C also has quite a bit of Dief!fic and turtle!fic, which I dig. \o/ To quote: Hi. My name is etcetera_cat, and I have an unhealthy obsession with Diefenbaker. (I personally don’t think it’s that unhealthy…)
Other DS/C6D activity: A lovely Wilby snippet, which I dig too.
Some favourites:
Fluid (Fraser/Kowalski, PG) This is a lovely little snippet. Half poem, half fic, all Ray and all awesome. Try reading it aloud, it sounds amazing.
This is water dark and water cold. It coils and curls around his limbs, makes the wiring in the wall undulate and dance like kelp in a tidal pool. Ray can’t swim. He kicks. Kicks at the water as it ties his muscles into cramping knots.

An Ocean of Sky (Fraser/Kowalski, PG) I love Kowalski a whole damn lot. And here E-C makes me love him all the more. This is wing!fic, and it works so well, and so beautifully – it’s a classic dS blend of magical realism and human emotion and problems. And I love it, and I’m moved by it.
Somehow, without Ray even really noticing, their adventure has trickled away through his fingers, like the water now drip-drip-dripping from melting icicles as spring tentatively tightens its hold on the Northwest Territories. After being out in the ice for so long, Inuvik feels claustrophobic to Ray. It makes his skin itch all over--even after he's had the longest, hottest shower in the history of ever--and makes errant fight-or-flight impulses dance along his nerves.

Aurora Borealis (Fraser/Kowalski, PG) Knowing Dief, clueless Ray, clueless Fraser. Best. Combination. Ever. I love the use of repetition in this, it gives it a song-like rhythm and just underscores the cluelessness of the boys. And again with the lyricism and beauty, and gah, I am dead from the awesome.
We are underway, Diefenbaker tells the rest of the sled team. He tells them the same thing every morning. Partly this is because Dief has spent far too much time living with Fraser and partly this is because Dief is the leader and the others are only dogs, and therefore aren’t very bright.

Speaking of not very bright… Dief turns to give Fraser and Ray an extremely jaundiced look before electing to ignore them. They’ll figure out what they’re trying to say to each other soon enough.

The white place is good for that.

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Could you please edit your entry to include this link to etcetera-cat‘s new fanlore page:

Feel free to edit the fanlore page and add to it. Any questions, just ask!


I also added Learn to Speak Canine in Seven Easy Steps to the wiki works list. She has so many lovely stories it must have been really tough to choose only a couple!

I'm really enjoying the walk down memory lane with all these great recommendations. \o/

& done. Glad you're enjoying the recs!

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