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Author profile: Colleen
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mergatrude wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Colleen
Website/link to fic: fic archived at dueSlash
First DS fic posted: 2000, according to the DSA. (possibly earlier to the Serge lists)
Full disclosure: I don't know Colleen at all. If you do, and would like to add to this profile, please do.
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Smithbauer
Style and strengths: Colleen's stories were some of the first I read in the fandom, and I was immediately struck by their lyrical quality and emotional depth. There are fourteen stories at dueSlash and I love all of them, from the tiny vignettes to the Mark/Todd AU series.
Other DS/C6D activity: Not that I know of
Some favourites:
Everloving. Colleen calls this a snapshot moment. There's a world of love and sex and heat and joy and promise here, encapsulated in less than two hundred words. Too brief for an excerpt

Poses. First time, taking the chance, giving up trying to be what you think other people want.
Ray exhales strongly through his nose, he’s leaning forward before he even knows what’s been decided, and Fraser only has time to breathe a startled little “Oh” before Ray’s got his hands in his hair, pulling his mouth up for a hard, hungry kiss. Fraser’s lips part and Ray slides his tongue in deep, tasting, twisting. He’s suddenly afraid, terrified that if he lets go the man in his arms will disappear, it’ll be just another dream. Late night lonely drunken fantasy. But Fraser doesn’t seem to be going anywhere except up, up onto the bed, pushing Ray down and straddling his hips.

The Tennis Series, so-called because Colleen names the supporting characters after tennis players. There's Fraser and Smithbauer (so hot! One of my favourite minor pairings!) in I Remember You, working through the challenges to their relationship in respect, and the gorgeous but not saccherine kid-fic, Penny Serenade

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Just so you don't think I've forgotten Colleen's fanlore page, there is an issue china and I are attempting to sort out and so far we're waiting for a response.

There is relatively little Fraser/Smithbauer out there so I will do what I can to include it! Plus I really like her stories. *g*

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