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Author profile: shrift
sageness wrote in ds_profiles
Author: shrift
Website/link to fic:shrift's fan fiction
Fanlore page: Shrift's Fanlore wiki page
First DS fic posted: 2000
Full disclosure: Shrift and I are on each other's flists.
Pairings: FK except for one teen!RayK with an OMC
Style and strengths: Shrift is such a great writer, I want to link to everything! What I especially like are: vivid details, bright and natural-sounding conversations, perfect character voices, and action plots that balance beautifully with the relationship plots so that neither overwhelms the other. She also makes excellent use of Chicago as a setting. Most of all, though, I love how Shrift writes dialogue. The banter is brilliant and often funny, and I'm charmed by the boys all over again. :)
Other DS/C6D activity: two Hard Core Logo stories that I just discovered: one Joe/Billy fic and one brilliant pre-movie John!fic that's blown my mind, omg. eta: Oh, also! Shrift co-runs with Nestra Polyamorous Recs, a huge multi-fandom recs site that has a large Due South section and which was my major gateway into DS fandom.
Some favorites:

Wound Up (F/K, PG-13) Hilarious and wonderful first-kiss makeouts.
"I could kiss you on the mouth," Ray said, pushing Fraser into the men's room.

"Oh, God," Dewey said, fleeing the bathroom with the faucet still running and his hands dripping wet. Ray was kinda surprised Dewey actually washed his hands.

Ray crowded Fraser into one of the stalls and locked the door. Fraser had just pulled his polite Canadian hammer of logic on their suspect and gotten him to crack. Ray hated it when Fraser pulled that crap on him, but he loved it when Fraser unleashed his own brand of whoopass in the box.

"You made that little shitbag cry, Fraser," Ray crowed.

Fraser rubbed his eyebrow with his thumb. "Yes, well."

Dropping a Conversational Bomb (F-K gen, PG) This was written for LGBT fest & is one of those stories with stop-start, increasingly intimate conversations that remind me of canon.
"Fraser, are we going to Boystown?"

Fraser stared at him warily.

"What? What?" Ray demanded.

"Given your reaction to some of my word-association queries regarding closets, I didn't consider it prudent to inform you of our destination ahead of time," Fraser said.

Shopping for Mayhem in Aisle Four(F/K, PG-13) - This is post-COTW but living in Chicago, established relationship FK, and Fraser is relaxed and flirty in a way that just makes me *beam* and smish them together in my head.
Ray leaned over the shopping cart basket and waved Fraser closer. Fraser stepped toward him, looking curious. "Jamaica-shmaica. Only one cock goes in this mouth, Fraser, and since I still got all my floating ribs, mine's out of the running."

"I see," Fraser said. He put the box of cock soup mix back on the shelf and cleared his throat. "Shall we proceed to the checkout counter?"

"Oh, so we're done here?" Ray asked.

Fraser smiled, and it was the smile that reminded Ray of Dief catching sight of an unwatched doughnut in the wilds of the 27th. The kind of smile that crinkled the corners of his eyes. Also the kind of smile that said, 'sometimes this guy carries a big freaking knife.'

Exactly the kind of smile that made Ray want to rip off Fraser's Henley and do him on top of the frozen peas.

"Stop it," Ray said.

Fraser kept smiling. "Stop what?"

Refraction (F/K, PG-13) - this is one of my all-time favorite DS fics. It's so light and hot and fun, the supporting characters are awesome, and the Fraser narrative voice is fantastic! ♥
Startled by the near collision, Fraser inhaled. Ray smelled faintly of cigarette smoke, leather and sweat, and on Fraser's second breath, also of beer from an American brewery.

He put his hand out to steady his partner. The smooth material of Ray's shirt must have been a silk blend, because it held body heat well. So well that there seemed to be no barrier at all between his skin and Ray's.

Fraser retreated as quickly as possible from the publicly intimate contact when Ray turned around, finding a welcome distraction in the tiny fleck of glitter winking from the soft skin on the inside of Ray's elbow. Ray's elbow was infinitely safer than Ray's flat abdomen, barely obscured by the fabric and far too close to Fraser's mouth.

"Ray, you're...refracting."

Ray immediately ran a knuckle up his zipper, and Fraser went hot, his skin prickling along his scalp. He felt a flush rising up toward his collar and wished, briefly, for the protection of his uniform. "Huh? Where?'

Instead of answering verbally, Fraser motioned at the glitter irregularly dotting Ray's skin.

"Oh, yeah. Damn. Stuff gets everywhere. I'll be finding it under the couch cushions a year from now with all of my quarters and the batteries for the stereo remote."

"But why is it on you?"

Ray shrugged and pulled out his desk chair, sprawling with a gawky kind of grace -- the gawkiness due to, Fraser could only assume, the rather snug fit of his leather jeans. "Got felt up by a queen with a body glitter fetish."

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Thanks a lot for this recommendation! :D

I started with Refraction and it is sooo cute. I was lost for words. I like the others, too, but I have to agree, it's my favorite, too. :D

Hee, yes! I love that Ray has to check. And the last line makes me laugh and laugh. :D

Hi! I just started shrift’s new fanlore page:

Could I get you to edit your entry to show the wiki link above the cut? TYK!

done! Thank you! :D

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