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author profile: SLWalker
exbex wrote in ds_profiles
Author:  sl_walker 
Website/link to fic:  stories archive
Fanlore page:  TBC
First DS fic posted:  2010
Full disclosure:  We are mutual flisters,  I'm a total fangirl.
Pairings:  Turnbull/Vecchio, Fraser/Kowalski
Style and Strengths:  sl_walker co-authors the Arch to the Sky 'verse and co-authors/co-mods ds_zombies with kalijean.  I am continually impressed by her attention to detail, as well as the way she and kalijean balance the magical realism present in Due South with the realities of everyday life.  Angst, darkness, and fluff all get fair play, and are balanced brilliantly.
Other ds/C6d activity:  One BSG 2003 fic crossover with ST:TOS.

Some favorites:

Fairly Certain (Turnbull, PG, 2100 words)

Sixteen-year-old Renfield figures something important out.  It's an honest and refreshing look at the way we come to grips with our sexuality.

Brutality (Turnbull, PG, 286 words)

Turnbull stands up for a classmate at Depot, and suffers the harassment after rumors fly about his sexuality.  I love the snapshot for the way it presents the duality of humanity; Turnbull is forced to suffer for doing the right thing, and his courage and fear are juxtaposed perfectly.

Despite All (Turnbull, G, 250 words)

A heart-breaking snippet with Turnbull feeling a sense of failure, it really inspires a visceral reaction within the reader.

Any Way Up (Vecchio/Turnbull, PG-13, 28,671 words)

Ray and Renfield slowly find their way to one another.  I love the piece for its natural progression and the quiet revelations of the two men, who both feel the fear, intense joy, and cautious optimism of falling in love.

Stripes (Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 669 words)

I love a story in which we get to see that Fraser's not nearly as naive as we might be led to think.


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