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Author profile: BrynnMck
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china_shop wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Brynn/brynnmck
Website/link to fic: DS fic index
Fanlore page: Brynn's wiki page
First DS fic posted: 2006
Full disclosure: Brynn and I are good friends and have betaed for each other.
Pairings: Fraser/Vecchio, Vecchio/Kowalski, Fraser/Vecchio/Kowalski, gen
Style and strengths: Brynn's writing is notable for her excellent characterization, dialogue and humor. She writes relationships that glow with warmth and affection, and she works within canon to tease out small moments into larger emotional connections. She gives great humor, especially in her wonderful, wonderful Vecchio POV, and she doesn't let her characters shy away from the conflict they need to work through to grow closer. In short, her writing is vivid and detailed, and generally makes me flail with glee.
Other DS/C6D activity: Has also written Slings & Arrows and Hard Core Logo fic.
Some favourites:

Rest Ye Merry -- this Fraser/Vecchio slashy-end-of-gen Christmas story, set after The Gift of the Wheelman, was the first fic I read by Brynn, and it blew me away. It's full of happy, crowded family details and quirky observations, and you can just feel the warmth and affection between Fraser and Vecchio as they share a moment on the back porch.
Anyway, every year, when the singing started was when Ray did his best to make himself scarce. And every year, his ma gave him the big eyes and the "I just want you to be happy on Christmas, Raimundo"—the woman could wield guilt like she'd been born and raised in Canada—and he ended up giving in like the sucker he was. This year, though, was gonna be different. This year, he'd saved a family, booked a bad guy, and brought a Mountie home for dinner. He'd done his good deeds, was what he was saying, and his favorite suit jacket was currently soaked with about ten pounds of gasoline that was pretty much never coming out, so he figured his ma, and the world in general, owed him one, and no one was going to convince him otherwise.


It's the Life You Love to Live (Ray/Ray) -- Another amazing gem. I adore both of the Rays in this. I think this was the first time I'd seen them slotted together, so true to how they are in canon: neither of them are broken here, not Vecchio by Vegas nor Kowalski by the frozen north, and they're so very much themselves and adorable, and made of snark and love and eeeeeeee! Again, Brynn brings the details that really make the story come to life.
"This is stupid," said Kowalski for about the tenth time in as many minutes.

Ray groaned. "Geez, Kowalski, give it a rest, will ya?" He shifted in the driver's seat, trying to move his weight to his right ass-cheek so his left one could get a break. Ah, the Dance of the Five-Hour Stakeout, he thought ruefully. Not that he would ever suggest that the 1971 Buick Riviera that he'd finally managed to track down and restore wasn't an eminently luxurious vehicle, but after five hours, he was pretty sure angels would be complaining about how uncomfortable clouds were.

Just Geography (Fraser/Vecchio/Kowalski). Brynn wrote this long, looong, extra-satisfying first-time fic for DS Match in 2007, and it's just awesome. She takes her time, first getting Vecchio and Kowalski together and building that relationship so that it's solid and real, before taking the final step of adding Fraser to the mix.

One thing Ray had learned in Canada was that your problems didn't get further away the further north you went; they just got louder.

Which was why he was pretty pissed off to discover that even after he went back south, leaving his partner and best friend and apparently-not-boyfriend looking a lot sorry and worried and a little bit relieved at a pathetic excuse for an airport, one of the loudest of his problems showed up in Chicago anyway, in the form of one Ray Vecchio, The Real One.

"I can't work with him," he told Welsh desperately, pacing the Lieutenant's office like he was training for a wind-sprint.

"Look, V—Kowalski, I know it's gotta be strange for you, all right? But you have no partner and Vecchio has no partner, and I don't mind telling you I had to pull quite a few strings to get you both back on the job here, so I would appreciate it if you could at least attempt to act like rational adults and play nice."

"But Lieu—"

"Or," Welsh continued, "I hear they're looking for somebody over at the 2-4. You'd like that, right? Nice retirement community?"

Ray stopped in his tracks, and it took everything he had not to put his fist through the wall. "No, sir."

"All right. Then I suggest you and Vecchio try to set aside your differences. Or your similarities, or whatever it is that's the problem."

\Welsh!/ \This whole fic!/ \Which I am trying not to quote all of!/

So... which of Brynn's fics do you love best?

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Just Geography is one of my FAAAAAAAVORITE fics of all times omg.

brynnmck is one of my fave writers, too! I love all her stuff, and I read Old Fashioned Remedies as a comfort fic! SO GOOD OMG.

::cries:: I MISS YOU BRYNN!!

um. by which I mean, how am I supposed to choose a favourite of hers?? :D it is impossible. oh yes. IMPOSSIBLE. ;P

One vote for:

e) all of the above plus everything else she's written ever!

Duly noted. ;-)

Okay - so you totally did the work on this one! I only tidied a few links and added the categories. \o/ *freebie*

But here's the page if you want to add it to this entry:

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