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Author profile: malnpudl
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mergatrude wrote in ds_profiles
Author: malnpudl
Website/link to fic: Mal keeps her fic in her LJ memories
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: 2005
Full disclosure: Mal is fabulous and we all love her!
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalksi
Style and strengths: Mal writes with an emotional intensity that drags you into the stories, into the hearts and minds of the people she's writing. She writes them real and gritty, shows their hard and their soft parts, and yet the reality is no less romantic for the grit. Perhaps moreso.
Other DS/C6D activity: Mal also writes C6D stories for Wilby Wonderful, Slings & Arrows, and CanRPS. She has recorded a number of podfics. She's a wonderful and much-loved community member of the C6D fandom.
Some favourites:
Tacit, Fraser/Kowalski. Tacit is built around the conceit that there's nothing so unnerving as talking about one's feelings, unless you're as brave and determined as Ray Kowalski.
That night when they crawled into bed, Ray shoved Fraser onto his side and curled up against his back, arm wrapped around his waist. "Pretty soon," he whispered into the back of Fraser's neck, "you and me are gonna talk. And then we're gonna fuck."

Fraser went still in Ray's arms. Then he drew in a ragged breath, and let it out slowly. Just before Ray fell asleep, he felt Fraser's hand cover his own and pull it up against his chest. He drifted off to the rhythm of Fraser's heartbeat under his hand.

Sweetly, Swiftly Shift, Callum/Hugh - Hard Core Logo RPS. This rocks so hard. This was one of the fics that blew all my lines about RPS away, because I couldn't resist these guys and their pain and the way they are with each other.
"You know how to do this," Callum says, and he's talking about Joe Dick now. "This is who you are." But he knows words aren't the way to get through to Hugh, so he reaches out and puts his hand on Hugh's wrist, just wraps his fingers around and leaves them there. It feels a little weird, a little awkward, but he knows it's working when Hugh's eyes soften – not much, just enough. Jesus, Hugh is easy to read. Easy for Callum, anyway. He rubs his thumb over the back of Hugh's wrist, and something relaxes in Hugh's jaw, the banked fire rekindles in his eyes, and it's just too, Jesus, too fucking intimate so he says it again even though he knows the words don't matter now, the job's already done: "Don't make it so hard. You know how to do this."

"Yeah," Hugh growls. "Fuck, yeah." He shoves himself off the wall and back up onto the balls of his feet, radiating impatience and energy, looking like he's got the biggest dick in Vancouver and goddamn well knows it.

Callum gets to his feet. "Fuckin' rock star," he says with a grin.

"Fuckin' A," Hugh replies, and he's back, he's on.

For a Good Life We Just Might Have to Weaken, Fraser/Kowalski. This was Mal's entry in the 2008 DS Match. Mal wrote for Team Reality, and this is almost painful at times, but so gorgeous and lush.
What Ray hadn't figured on was how hard it would be, after all those months and months of carefully keeping their hands off each other, to actually start... whatever it is they're going to do. Doing it. Doing each other. Doing things to each other.

They've made it to the apartment and Fraser is methodically stripping off his lanyard and Sam Browne belt and unbuttoning the tunic, but the day was warm and Ray has nothing to take off but his shirt and pants, and that seems a little premature, so he just sort of stands there watching for a few seconds until that feels weird, so he turns and takes a couple of steps toward the kitchen, like maybe he should do something about offering Fraser food because it's close to dinner time, but that's incredibly stupid -- it's not like Ray could eat anything, with his stomach feeling this way, and he's willing to bet Fraser's in pretty much the same condition -- so he turns back around and just sort of stands there feeling like an idiot. An idiot with half a hard-on.
Fraser rescues him, thank God, hanging his tunic over the back of a chair and then taking one, two, three steps toward Ray until he's standing right in front of him, wide-eyed and breathing like a race horse at the starting gate.

Ray's heart is about to explode in his chest, and though he'd really like to keep his eyes open because Fraser is just about the most beautiful thing that he's ever seen, they drift closed of their own accord as he reaches up to take Fraser's face in his hands and leans in to kiss him.

Fraser's hands find Ray's face and he leans in, too, slowly, so slowly, and his soft lips find Ray's and pull a broken little sound up from down deep inside him.


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