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Author profile: Lalejandra
sprat wrote in ds_profiles
Author: lalejandra
Website/link to fic: dueSouth story index
First DS fic posted: 2004
Full disclosure: lalejandra and I are on each other's f-lists.
Pairings: F/K, RayK/Stella
Style and strengths: I think of Lalejandra primarily as a Ray K writer. She didn't write exclusively from Ray K's pov and there wasn't anything lacking in her other characterisations by any means, but her Ray K was just such a beautiful thing: twitchy and emphatic, vulnerable and sweet and aggressive and hilarious. She was definitely one of the writers who made me fall in ~love with Ray K.
Other DS/C6D activity: none that I'm aware of
Some favourites:

D R A W N was co-written with serialkarma for the Ink challenge and ds_flashfiction. Ray likes to write on himself (and you know he totally does, too, even though I don't think we ever see him do it on the show). Fraser notices.

It's a slip of the brain, like brain fever or something, and it does not make any sense at all. There's some Canadian thing happening to Ray, he can feel it, making him gay and weird. Or maybe just honest, because if he's going to be honest, he's going to have to say that he's always been a little bit gay and more than a little bit weird. If he's going to be Stella, he's going to have to say that he's always been "...well, queer, Ray. We both know, ever since -- don't make me say it, Ray. We both know why I had to end our marriage."

He thinks about Stella and twirls a ball point pen through his fingers and writes, quick, on his ankle, G I R L S S U C K, just like he's thirteen years old again and fighting with Stella about smoking.

When he looks up, Fraser is looking in the other direction, so Ray throws the pen at him.

i let you have it, i let you have it is gorgeous and painful and hot. It's threesome fic with an OFC, but really it's F/K fic; the OFC is a conduit (and yeah, the fucked-upness of that is part of it).

"Come on, Fraser," I say, and I hold out my hand to help him out of the backseat -- he's really too tall to be sitting there -- and his hands are hot hot hot, and a little sweaty, and the tunic is looking kind of rumpled, which is only natural, since the kid was cutting on it. Fraser didn't take it off, though, except to let them stitch up his arm, which is his left arm anyway.

Even if it was his right arm, it wouldn't matter, because he's amphibious.

Ambidexterious, I mean.

His hand on mine is tight, and gets tighter when Dot slips a finger into one of my belt loops and pulls me toward her a little, and I've gotta bend a little because she's shorter than me, and she's on her toes.

She tastes like bitter tea, and I know that can't be what she tastes like, so when I open my eyes, I look to Fraser, who looks the way I feel, kinda off balance. Because, like, I just kissed Fraser. Not him exactly, but that's his spit in her mouth.

Probably he ain't thinking of it like that, but I am thinking of it like that, and it's kind of fucked up.

Band of Gold is a story in which Ray K is 18 and therefore kind of an idiot. ♥

He's a fucking badass, and all the girls know it, and when they play a show that night, Ray's got his eyeliner on, and his hair spiked up with glitter gel, just like that groupie whose name he can't remember, but he's got groupies, man, he doesn't gotta remember their names -- and he's got fucking button front jeans, and heavy silver rings.

Johnny Roses might be the front man, might be the one screaming in front of the crowd, and Ray's off to the side with his guitar and a cigarette, but Ray is the badass. Ray is the badass. Ray is the star.

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Oh, yay! I loved Lale's fic so much -- and D R A W N! I remember being knocked flat by it when she first posted. LOVE!

Btw, she does have one HCL & several Wilby fics on her story index: (and the Duck-Emily one makes me want to hug Emily SO HARD.)

New page:

To sprat: Would it be possible for you to edit your entry to include this link outside the cut? Thanks!

And to everyone: Feel free to edit the fanlore page and add to it. Any questions, just ask!

And OMG - it's been years since I read the ones you recced and I still remember them like I just read them!

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