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Author profile: Dira Sudis
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akamine_chan wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Dira Sudis (dsudis or [personal profile] dira)
Website/link to fic: Words, Words, Words
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: 2003
Full disclosure: I have been an ardent and distant admirer since landing in fandom.
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski, Kowalski/Gardino, Fraser/Vecchio, Fraser/Smithbauer, Frannie/Kowalski, Kowalski/Vecchio
Style and strengths: Dira is probably one of the most talented writers in any fandom. She's equally comfortable with epic, plotty stories as she is with short, emotionally intense stories. Her writing ranges from gen to smoking hot NC17. And she excels at characterization - from Dief to Fraser to RayK to RayV to Frannie - she gets them. But more, not only does she understand what motivates and moves these characters, but she also speaks with their voices, clearly and concisely. It's a rare skill and she uses it to her advantage. My only complaint about Dira is that she left due South fandom much too soon.
Other DS/C6D activity: Dira has written stories in several other C6D fandoms: ReGenesis, Wilby Wonderful, My Life As A Dog, Hard Core Logo, Flower & Garnet
Some favourites:
Hawks And Hands (F/K, F/Smithbauer, K/Gardino, NC17) - the Hockey Fic. Close to 200K words of hockey, angst and sex. This is one of my all-time favorite stories - it's extremely well written and is damn close to perfect. It makes me cry and laugh and smile and hope. And I'm someone who has never watched a hockey game in her entire life. It's also been wonderfully podficced by issaro (mp3 or m4b).

And Fraser was a hockey player. Played with the same team a long time, so maybe he'd gotten into a groove there, but Ray figured it was pretty much the same all over: being straight in hockey was like being straight in prison. You got around it just as fast as you could, if you possibly could, because road trips were long and lonely otherwise, and it wasn't exactly like you could jerk off in private when they jammed you in four to a room in juniors. And Fraser knew who he was, and smiled at him, kinda played with him back there, and maybe, if Ray was a hell of a lot luckier than he'd been in a long time, maybe Fraser was okay with playing. Maybe that was why he was standing here breathing Ray's smoke.

Exposures (F/K, R, deathfic) - a painful look at what-could-have-been, an angstful ending to the Quest.

Welsh faxed the picture of the dogs to Frobisher, telling him to have his searchers check for a crevasse. Then he called Ray and Stella Vecchio into his office, and told them he had something he needed them to look at. Once they'd both calmed down, Stella agreed to help him explain things to the Kowalskis, who weren't nearly as shocked as he expected them to be. It probably didn't hurt that they'd taken out the pictures that, in Stella's educated opinion, weren't meant to be shared. Still, when Barbara got tears in her eyes over a photo of her son kissing another man, her husband just snugged his arm around her and steadied her shaking hands on the pictures.

The Kid (a never-to-be-finished WIP) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 3a, plus Tea for Three and Favorite Things (F/K preslash, R) - I had read Tea for Three and had fallen in love with it, and only recently discovered (thanks, neu111!) that there was more. A lovely, realistic kid!fic in which we meet David Robert Fraser, yet another unexpected off-shoot of the Fraser family tree.

It was apparently too hot now even for criminals to stir out of doors, so he hadn’t had much call to work with Ray in the last several days, and most Canadians, aside from the pair of students suffering from heat prostration who he’d helped send home the day before, seemed clever enough to stay in their own natural habitat at this time of year. Fraser stared blankly at the paltry stack of paperwork the day demanded. The afternoon loomed before him, endless and empty. “I am bored,” he murmured to the desk surface, as though it cared, “and I am hot, and I wish I were back home.”

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That unfinished kidfic! I love it so much. In fact, a printed-out verstion of it is in my backpack right now, for rereading.

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