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Author profile: Nos4a2no9
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umbrella_half wrote in ds_profiles
Author: nos4a2no9
Website/link to fic: Out of Water
First DS fic posted: 2006?
Full disclosure: Nos and I are mutual flisties & buddies. Last year I was sent a Christmas card. It was very nice.
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Vecchio, Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, Kowalski/Vecchio and more!
Style and strengths: Nos’ writing is powerful. It’s got the ability to get into your head and stay there, rattling around and making you think about the story and the characters all day. Others have pointed out the connection to the landscape that Nos’ writing has, and that’s something I’d certainly agree on – the sense of place in the stories, whether it’s in the wild north of Canada or downtown Chicago, is solid and very satisfying. There’s also a lot of detail to Nos’ work, a layering up of little things and big things that draws the reader in and keeps them firmly grounded in the story.
Other DS/C6D activity: Nos has also written Wilby Wonderful Slings & Arrows and Hard Core Logo fic.
Some favourites: By no means an exhaustive list, I probably could put down two dozen stories...

Price of Distance (Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17) This has to be one of my favourites, ever. It’s a beautiful piece of writing, both for the connection with and descriptions of the places that Ray goes through, and the beautiful relationship that Fraser and Ray are trying to make. There’s so much pain and heartache, so much that could go right and so much to lose. The first time I read this (or maybe I listened to a podfic version?) I was on the edge of my seat, desperate to find out what happened. That’s a mark of good fiction.
Fraser told Ray once that he hated the city. Except, being Fraser, he'd said, "Prince George is symbolic of the devastation of the natural resources of northern Canada." Ray had nodded like he'd understood, and then he'd gone back to nipping and sucking at the soft skin of Fraser's earlobe. It was only later, much later, after his temporary visa had expired and he'd finally faced reality and moved south to Bellingham, that Ray realized what Fraser had actually said. He can't do life in the big city anymore, not even for Ray.

A Searching and Fearless Inventory (Fraser, PG-13) This is different. What if Fraser was an alcoholic? What if he was going along and quietly struggling with his demons, all the time? This story is painful as all hell, but insightful as all hell too, something odd and different and new.
Of course, he doesn’t drink anymore. He hasn’t for years. When Fraser buys his expensive bottle of whatever he can best afford, he places it carefully on his desk, along with a clean tumbler used solely for this once-a-year event. He makes sure that both the glass and the whisky are within easy reach.

Quiet in Drowning (Wilby Wonderful Duck/Buddy, Duck/OMC, NC-17, warnings for quite graphic violence and non-con) This is a heart-breaking story. And really quite difficult to read too; not for when you’re feeling fragile. But it’s a beautifully done picture of Duck, and an exploration of why he is the way he is in the film.
Buddy nodded. But then Buddy always looked so understanding. It was his eyes, Duck decided. Heavy-lidded, almost sleepy, Buddy’s eyes radiated calm. You could say anything to a guy with eyes like that, and know that he probably wouldn’t freak out. His voice was calm and sleepy, too, and the way he moved, even on the field, was slow and deliberate. Buddy wasn’t the kind of guy who would ever hit anyone.

EDIT: Fanlore wiki link

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Small voice - none of the links work for me...

D'oh! Thanks for pointing that out, I've fixed the HTML now.

Oh, and don't forget that Nos has recorded a lot of really good podfic, too!

Awww, thank you kindly, kiddo! I haven't been around these here parts much lately, but it's lovely to see such kind things being said about my little ol' pile of stories. *smishes you* Someone's getting a Christmas card this year, too! :-)

You're so welcome *g* It is a lovely little ol' pile o' stories. *smish*

Nos’ fanlore page is at

Would you be able to edit your post to add this link above the cut? TYK!

Nos already had a page but I edited in your comments to showcase the due South stuff. Anyone else who wants to add to the fanlore page, please do! The more the better!

p.s. The website link should be

Done. & Thanks for the heads-up!

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