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Author profile: Grey
thursdaynext_27 wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Grey (grey853)
Website/link to fic: Most are also posted at the old DS Archive.
Fanlore page: Grey's Fanlore wiki page
First DS fic posted: Some of Grey's stories were published in zines first, but the first one was posted online ~2003.
Full disclosure: just a fan
Pairings: Mostly Fraser/Kowalski, with one Kowalski/OMC. Other C6D pairings include Duck/Dan, Duck/Buddy (implied & friendship) and Canadian Actor RPS.
Style and strengths:
Grey's typical DS works are long, angsty, hurt/comfort stories, the kind that pull you in and keep you reading until the end for that happy ending. But there's also casefic, kidfic and even stress management seminar fic. She captures Ray's energy, his intensity, and how the things that eat at him manifest outward. Ray fights: with suspects, with Dewey, and with Fraser. Grey also does a great job writing Welsh and Turnbull, as well as some good OC's.
Other DS/C6D activity: Some Wilby Wonderful stories, and several Canadian Actor RPS. Grey also makes DS calendars.
Some favourites:
Bygones (DS, F/K, NC-17, 1.22MB, warnings for graphic violence and non-con). Along with parts 2, 3 and 4, the Bygones series is among the largest works in DS fandom.

This is the epic H/C story, and I would also say Bygones Part I is the darkest of Grey's DS stories. There is no quick fix or recovery here, as the aftermath, including PTSD, depression, alcoholism and long-term cost of undercover work, continue to challenge Ray and Fraser throughout the series. Fraser also has his own skeletons they must deal with. But there is closure, and Action!Dead!Bob kicks ass. Give yourself the weekend to read this one.
"Alone, Fraser, as in nobody with me, not you, not the wolf, nobody. I can't think with you two around." Ray crossed his arms and leaned back against the front of his car. "I'm all turned around here. I need to figure out what to do."

"I really want to help, Ray."

Ray swallowed hard at the complete truth of the words, the deep sincerity in the blue eyes. "You can't, Fraser, not with this." He paused and licked his lower lip, looking away from the intense stare. "There are things about me you don't know, things I can't talk about. I need some space, some distance to get my head straight. I can't do that with you around, because you won't always be there, not when Vecchio comes back. I need to do this on my own or I'll lose it. I don't want to do that. I don't want to end up losing it, Fraser. I don't want to be some burned out cop who couldn't handle it when things got tough. I just have to sort things out on my own, that's all."

Fraser's hand took his arm as he stepped closer, his body almost touching his, but not quite. "Do you really believe that when Ray comes back, you'll stop being my friend?"

Ray pushed Fraser away and walked to the driver's side of the car, his partner following right behind him. "That's just the way it is. I do the job and move on."

"And our friendship is just part of the job? You can't seriously believe that."

"You'll have Vecchio. You won't need me."

Star Struck (DS, F/K and K/OMC, NC-17, 176kb). This one is probably my favorite because of Rick Mercy, enough that it would've been cool/hot to have a "what if" Ray/Rick AU.
Fraser rubbed his eyebrow nervously and kept his voice low. "Mr. Henderson bet Mr. Davis that Mr. Mercy would try to seduce you. They made the wager conditional on when the actual consummation would occur. Mr. Davis is of the opinion that it will be tonight. Mr. Henderson believes you will hold out until the case is over."

It was Ray's turn to blush. "So you're saying Davis thinks I'm easy and they both think I'm a slut? Didn't either one of them think I might not swing that way?"

"Apparently not, Ray."

"Shit. It's the earring."

Mercy didn't look up, didn't move. "You remind me of Bobby."

A chill washed over Ray's skin followed by an involuntary shudder. "I'm not him."

"I fucking know that." Mercy lifted his face, his lips thinned and his eyes narrowed. "You walked into the club and the first thing I thought was, fuck, he looks like Bobby. Then you opened your mouth and you talked like him, too, same accent, same tough tone. Your lips even look like his, and your hands..." Mercy stopped himself and his voice hardened. "Fuck, I need to cut this shit out. It ain't healthy."

Ray didn't know what to say at first, embarrassed by Mercy's admission, even more attracted than ever. Shit, he needed a good smack in the head to snap himself out of it. He didn't need Mercy, not with all that baggage. The man offered nothing but an emotional disaster, a train wreck with no survivors.

Everybody Loves Buddy (Wilby Wonderful, teen!Duck/Buddy, PG-13, 132KB).  I discovered this by way of rhea314's podfic. A beautiful and bittersweet story that gives you glimpses of the adults that Buddy, Duck and Sandra will become. It's mostly about Duck, his crush on Buddy and his internal struggle over his sexuality, but it's also about Duck's relationships with the people who love him: Sandra and his parents.
"There's nothing wrong with it, but mothers want their children to look like children, innocent and boyish." She motioned with her head at the painting. "His expression, the way you've drawn his body, that's anything but innocent, Walter, and that's okay, but that's not something he'd want to give to his mother. More likely he'd give it to his girlfriend."

Cheeks burning, Duck didn't meet his mum's gaze. Fuck, he hadn't thought about that, hadn't realized he'd revealed so much about his own feelings. His words came out defensive. "That's how he looks."

"To you, yes, but not to his mother."

Duck closed his eyes with the deep, heart-sinking realization that his mother knew the truth, something he'd never wanted to admit, but recently suspected. "You saying I should paint another one?"

"I think that would be wise, but that's up to you and Buddy, Walter. I'm sure he'll be pleased with it."

"Why do you say that?"

"Don't get me wrong, Buddy's a lovely boy, and I don't want to sound mean or judgmental, but there are plenty of heart-broken young girls in Wilby who believed him to be serious about his intentions when all he really wanted was a fling. Young love isn't always kind."

"That's not his fault. He's popular, that's all."

"I just don't want you to get hurt, Walter."

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Thanks a lot! You not only pointed me to an author that I never read, I also really enjoyed your thoughts! \o/

I'll check her out!

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\0/ for Grey! I'm a Due South and 6DDS devotee who has just found Grey. Stuff so compelling that I've cut back on my hours of sleep (before Grey 7-9 hours a night; since Grey 2-4 hours a night) because I HAVE JUST GOT TO READ THIS AND I HAVE GOT TO READ THIS NOW!

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