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Author Profile: Zillah/Visonshadows
by jhava-due south
jule1122 wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Zillah or visonshadows
Website/link to fic: Sparkly Dance Boys
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: From what I can tell 2005
Full disclosure: Just an admirer
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski
Style and strengths: Zillah has written several ficlets that drop us into moments in Ray and Fraser’s life. She can set the scene and characters with just a few words. In her longer fics, I am drawn to the emotional honesty between Ray and Fraser. I believe every word of these stories because they ring so true. I can feel the love the between them and feel every one of their struggles. The two stories I am linking to are not just my favorite of Zillah’s stories, but two of all-time my favorite Due South stories.
Other DS/C6D activity: I found one Hard Core Logo fic at her website, but came across other C6D fics browsing her LJ
Some favourites:
A Passing Feeling(F/K) This is my Due South desert island fic. I have read it more times than I can count and love it to pieces. Set in the future, Ray, Fraser and their children return to Chicago when Ray’s mother dies. The story is an amazing look at love and family and how we communicate (and miscommunicate) with those we love. Everyone is this fic feels real because Zillah writes them as people with faults and everyday frustrations. This makes me cry and laugh and fills me with love.

Ray held the suit jacket up to Fraser, looking at him critically. If it didn’t fit, he’d have to return it in the morning and get the correct size. He was sure it would though; Fraser hated clothes shopping, so Ray just bought his clothes for him. It was easier than trying to get Fraser to pick something out.

“Our shirts are the same colour,” Fraser said, pulling the trousers on. He zipped and buttoned them, holding his arms away from his body so Ray could make sure they fit. “Did you do that on purpose?”

“I did.” Ray tugged at the waistband of Fraser’s trousers before smacking him lightly on the ass. “Try the jacket on now.”

“Your relatives are aware of my existence, right?” Fraser held the jacket, his expression uncertain.

“The ones who aren’t will be in for a rude awakening,” Ray said. “Please try the jacket on.”

Fraser shrugged the jacket on and stood still for Ray’s inspection. Ray’s hands shook as he buttoned up the jacket, sliding his hand over the front. Fraser covered Ray’s hand with his own, holding it tightly.

“It’s a little tight in the shoulders,” Fraser said quietly. “But it will do in a pinch.”

“Jackets are always tight in the shoulders on you.” Ray tugged on the cuffs of the jacket. “It’s only for a few hours.”

“I can take it off once the funeral is over.”

“Dad asked why you weren’t wearing your uniform,” Ray said softly. “He said that Mom liked it.”

Fraser hung the jacket back up. “I could borrow one from the Consulate if you wish.”

“No,” Ray said with a shake of his head, unzipping Fraser’s trousers for him. “I think you should wear the suit. I don’t want you to be the Mountie. I need you to be Benton Fraser tomorrow.”

Fraser cupped Ray’s jaw in his hand and leaned in to kiss him. “You’re undressing me.”

Ray slid his hands into the back of Fraser’s trousers. “No I’m not.”

“Oh, I beg to differ,” Fraser said as Ray pushed the trousers down. “A moment ago, I had pants on. Now I seem to be standing here in boxers and an undershirt.”

“No you’re not.” Ray pushed the boxers down as well. “It’s all in your mind.”

“So if I was to toss you in the bed and have my way with you, it would all be in my mind?”

Where I End and You Begin (F/K) My favorite “Ray and Fraser are a couple even if they don’t know it” fic.

"At least you're not the one hiding in the backseat this time. Is this how it worked when you were partnered with Fraser?"

"Nah," Ray said, sipping his own coffee. "We didn't do this stake-out stuff very often. He wasn't that patient. Liked to run in where he wasn't wanted."

Jefferson snorted and handed Ray back the coffee. "So how long you two been together? You weren't together when you were working together, right?"

"Look, Jefferson," Ray said, turning a little and pretending to look out the back window. "I don't really understand why people think we're together, but we're not. We just share an apartment because he's too cheap to get one himself."

"You were with him in Canada for six months, Kowalski. You two finally come back and then you move in together, tell Welsh he can't be your partner anymore, and let him drive your car. You don't let *me* drive your car."

"You can't drive for shit!"

Jefferson laughed and kicked the back of Ray's seat. "Seriously, man. What did you expect when you did all that?"

"That people wouldn't care about my private life."

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