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Author Profile: Lamardeuse
by jhava-due south
jule1122 wrote in ds_profiles
Author: lamardeuse
Website/link to fic: when the world is puddle-wonderful
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: March 2003
Full disclosure: I’m a frequent reader and fan
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski with a few Kowalski/Vecchio
Style and strengths: The majority of lamardeuse’s stories were written for ds_flashfiction so they are short to medium length. She writes everything from first time to established relationship, really hot smut to sweet domestic stories. No matter what I am in the mode for I can find the perfect story. What I love best about her writing is that it is really about the interaction between Fraser and Ray, their dynamic and feelings for each other. She writes wonderful dialogue and never forgets the unique humor that makes Due South special. Each story is like being dropped into a scene where I can hear and see everything as it happens. Most importantly, I can feel it. The emotions in her stories love, joy, fear, frustration all come through so clearly. Unfortunately, she rarely writes Due South any more, but she has plenty of stories to enjoy. I love to visit her site and just start reading.
Other DS/C6D activity: None although she does have stories in several fandoms.
Some favourites:
Strip (F/K PG-13): Written for the Make-up challenge, this is a fascinating look at masks and removing them. But truthfully, I am listing because how do you not love a fic that contains the following exchange.
"I am the right hand of God!" he shouted, as Ray dragged him along the hall to the holding cell.

"Yeah," he shot back, "and I'm the left nut of Santa Claus. Shut the hell up."

After You (F/K NC-17): This was written for the Courtesy Challenge. I’m fairly certain I’ve recced this one before. It’s both sexy and insightful, and still manages to make me laugh. I just love it.

It took a while for Ray to notice the pattern.

Being that Ray Kowalski was a highly trained and experienced police officer, it was perhaps odd that he didn't pick up on said pattern sooner. However, in his defense, it might be mentioned that when Benton Fraser was naked, in your bed, and fucking you through the mattress until you screamed like a girl, looking for patterns was about the furthest thing from your mind.

Committment(F/K R) Because I am a big sap, this one just melts me.

Ray reached for the box with shaking hands. Opening it slowly, he stared at the simple, wide silver ring, watched his fingers take it out, turn it over and over in his palm.

He’d sworn he’d never wear one of these again.

And yet he was going to wear Fraser’s. He knew it like he knew his own name.

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Heh! The left nut. :D Thanks a lot for the rec, I look forward to browsing the site.

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