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Author profile: Matthew Haldeman-Time
exbex wrote in ds_profiles

Author: matthewtime 
Website/link to fic:
Fanlore page:  TBC
First DS fic posted:  2000
Full disclosure:  I'm just a fan.
Pairings:  Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Vecchio, Kowalski/Turnbull, Fraser/Turnbull, Ray/Ray, Fraser/Turnbull/Kowalski 
Style and Strengths:  I return to Matthew's fanfiction because of the excellent characterizations.  The voices are always distinct and true-to-character, the dialogue is fresh and spot-on, and characters are often taking fascinating journeys of self-discovery.  Sex between characters is fun, joyful, and reverent, while angst is poignant and thought-provoking.
Other DS/C6D activity:  HCL, and other fandoms are represented at the archive site.  There is also, which includes original fiction.

Some favorites:

Gratitude  (F/K, R)  Fraser agonizes over his feelings for Ray, endearingly and in-character.  Ray is wonderfully straightforward.  I love this fic, with its first kisses and declarations.

Greatness (Fraser/Vecchio and Kowalski/Turnbull, NC-17) Kowalski must come to terms with things while he heals from injuries with the help of Fraser, Vecchio, Dief, and Turnbull.  I love introspective Kowalski in this fic, and I fell in love with sweet, innocent, endearing Turnbull.

List, List, O, List! (Fraser/Vecchio and Kowalski/Turnbull, R)  This fic has a brilliant mix of story elements: snarky dialogue, guilty Kowalski, and a Turnbull who is very comfortable with who he is.

Ring (Fraser/Turnbull and Ray/Ray, NC-17) I like how three different stories become one here, all handled deftly: a relationship-in-trouble, an endearing but realistic kidfic, and an exploration of fun and kinky sexual dyanmics.  It doesn't seem as if the three things should go together in one piece, but they come together beautifully.

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Thanks for this! I never heard of him and I liked what I've seen so far. A lot. :D

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