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Author profile: basingstoke
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Author: basingstoke
Website/link to fic: Basingstoke
fics on Due South Archive
Fanlore page:
First DS fic posted: 2000, according to the website
Full disclosure: I don't know Basingstoke at all.
Pairings: Fraser/Vecchio, Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Turnbull, Fraser/Kowalski/Turnbull, Kowalski/Turnbull
Style and strengths: Basingstoke's stories are generally not long, but they all pack some kind of punch, whether it be serious, sexy or silly. She's a self-proclaimed non-romantic. The majority of her due South fics are Fraser/Vecchio, and they are unsentimental and usually heart-wrenching, though not without great comic touches. For her Fraser/Kowalski fics, well, "romp" is the word that springs to mind. I like her Kowalski voice, and I like the way her Kowalski seems able to break Fraser out of whatever funk he's in. She has written some dS crossovers, including Sestina, a due South/Homicide series (check the crossovers section of her site) and also has fics in a large number of other fandoms.
Other DS/C6D activity: Basingstoke has written some Hard Core Logo fic.
Some favourites:
Could, Would, Will (F/V) is an aching meditation on Fraser's aloneness, on his aloofness.
The last time I saw my father alive was the Christmas before he died. He brought caribou steaks that he had killed himself. When he left he clasped my shoulder and shook my hand and smiled.

I'm trying to remember the last time someone touched me more than casually, and I keep coming back to that Christmas, and my father's strong hand on my arm. Before that, there was Victoria's slap across my cheek moments before I handcuffed her.

I'm still standing at the sink looking at Ray. I could touch him and he would touch me back. He would put his arms around me if he knew I wanted him to, but we're four meters apart instead.

Bugs and Thorns. (F/K) Ray applies his skills and detects Canadian flirting.
Ray had his eyes closed when he heard Fraser come back to the fire. He watched under his lashes as Fraser crouched again, feeding sticks into the fire.

When Fraser was satisfied with the blaze, he sat back down at Ray's feet. To Ray's amazement, he rested one hand on Ray's boot. Just kind of set it there, not grabbing or feeling, just like he was stacking up body parts at an arms and legs store.

Ray looked at Fraser's hand on his dusty boot and figured it out. "The story's about wanting stuff that's dangerous, right, Fraser?"

Fraser jumped. He grabbed back his hand like Ray was on fire. "Yes, Ray. Sometimes it's simply wiser to stay away."
Hah. He *was* a detective. He was detecting up a storm here. Ray pointed his toe and poked Fraser in the knee--at least he thought it was the knee; it was hard to tell through boots

Chopsticks and Curling. (K/T) Fraser is heterosexual, but Turnbull isn't. This is a lovely take on RayK/Turnbull. Read the sequels.
Ray's chopsticks were in the same box, going for the same mushroom. He looked up at Ray. Ray glanced from the box to Turnbull, and grinned. "Game on?" Ray asked.

Turnbull knocked his chopsticks against Ray's three times and the game was on. They knocked and scrabbled the chopsticks against each other, trying to grab the last remaining mushroom. Turnbull suddenly noticed that the box was approaching the edge of the coffee table, and made a grab for it with his left hand. He missed--but Ray caught it, and Turnbull caught Ray's hand underneath it so that they were both supporting the box.

Turnbull looked down. Ray's hands were stilled. He picked up the mushroom and lifted it from the box.

"You win," Ray said. Turnbull could feel the air stir against his hand. Ray was so close.... Turnbull raised his eyes to meet Ray's, close enough that he could see the dark spots and lines of the iris.

He hadn't really won fairly, had he? He raised the mushroom to Ray's mouth level, offering it with a slight movement of the chopsticks. He watched Ray's mouth curl into a smile, then open. Turnbull fed Ray the mushroom. Ray licked it from the chopsticks and closed his lips around them to clean off the sauce.

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(Bugs and Thorns! Eee!)

Basingstoke’s fanlore page:

To mergatrude: Would it be possible for you to edit your entry to include this link outside the cut? Thanks!

To everyone: please feel free to edit the fanlore page and add to it. Any questions, just ask!

One of the perks of editing ds_profiles into fanlore is reviewing all the wonderful stories in dS. But it is slowing me down as I reread! Life is hard. *g*

It's a tough job, but you're doing it! \o/

Will edit. Thank you kindly!

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