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Author profile: Abbybanks
luzula wrote in ds_profiles
Author: abbybanks
Website/link to fic: There's a fic index in the sidebar of her LJ
Fanlore page: Here.
First DS fic posted: August 2008
Full disclosure: I'm just an admirer.
Pairings: To date, she has written Fraser/Kowalski and gen.
Style and strengths: Abbybanks is talented with the short format, and she writes everything from angst to light and humorous stories. Her angst is often matter-of-fact, and all the more effective for it. When she writes gen, it's often thoughtful and focuses on characters or situations from new angles.
Other DS/C6D activity: None that I know of.
Some favourites:

Wars Not Yet Dreamed Of (F/K UST, but mostly gen, NC-17, 2600 words)

I recently recced this on crack_van, so I'll be lazy and c&p. This is an apocalypse story, and it's correspondingly bleak. It's hard to say anything about it without revealing too much, but it totally blew me away. It's partly the structure of the story, where everything comes together in the end in a chilling way, and partly the great Fraser POV.

September 1993 (Ray Kowalski gen, R, 1000 words)

Abbybanks takes a stray phrase from the show about Ray's third citation for bravery and brings it to life. We get to see Ray being competent, but there's also a shadow of bitterness there, about the way his career is going and about his relationship to Stella.

Communicating (Dief and Stella gen, PG, 735 words)

This is a hilarious story about Dief and Stella getting locked in together, and their "conversation". Dief's comeback at the end is great.

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Hi! Here's AbbyBank's fanlore link:

Thanks! Have edited.

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