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Author profile: Aingeal
F/V w Dief - like old times
china_shop wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Aingeal/aingeal8c
Website/link to fic: aingeal's fic tag | some of her early flashfics | on DSA | a few others (there are more, but this is all I could find right now)
Fanlore page: Aingeal's fanlore entry
First DS fic posted: 2005
Full disclosure: Aingeal and I are friends, and I've betaed for her a few times.
Pairings: Fraser/Vecchio, Fraser/Vecchio/Elaine, gen
Style and strengths: Aingeal writes fun, dialogue-rich stories, often with banter or bickering. Her stories are often humorous, sometimes whimsical and sometimes straight-out crack (beaver spirit animals, animal transformations, etc). She is amazingly prolific, and her love for her characters, especially Ray Vecchio, is evident in all her fic.
Other DS/C6D activity: Aingeal mods several Due South comms including ds_closet, and compiles the weekly DS newsletter, ds_weekly.
Some favourites:

Through a mirror - her reflection (Fraser/Vecchio, genderfuck, PG-13, contains non-graphic references to sexual assault)
This is a fascinating, painful, sometimes funny look at Vecchio's time in Las Vegas, in an AU where Ray's undercover as Amanda Langoustini. Eventually s/he finds his way back to Fraser -- and herself. (FTR, I betaed this fic.)

It was five weeks before the way Ray thought started to change. It only took three days to respond automatically when someone called him Amanda, but now he actually thought differently. He took a perverse pleasure in putting the implants in his bra, pushing up his cleavage.

The skirts got shorter, the make-up neater, and the heels higher. Ray had a new found confidence in being a woman.

What worried him was he was turning into Frannie.

A Little Bit of Filing (Fraser/Vecchio/Elaine, NC-17)
This is a classic supply closet/storeroom PWP that really worked for me, and was one of the stories that won me over to this pairing. Established relationship. Sweet.

“We thought you were having a bad day,” Ray said, his voice in her ear making her shiver. “So we decided you needed 'cheering up'.”

Fraser nodded. “That is, if you don't object.”

Elaine leaned forward and gave Fraser a kiss. “I don't object.”

Ray kissed her neck. “Good. You want the light on or off?”

In a Lodge in Chicago, Beaver Behind, and Subtle Hint (Fraser/Vecchio, crack)
In which Ray and Fraser have spirit animals... who happen to be beavers.

“You want me to go inside an imaginary lodge built by a spirit beaver?”

“Yes, Ray. We'll come in with you.”

“We? You and the beaver?”

“Yes, Ray. Diefenbaker doesn't like lodges.”

Dief was on the other aide of the apartment, well away from the lodge and the beaver.

“You mean he's not attacked the beaver?”

“No, Ray, the beaver doesn't have any doughnuts.”

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Awww this was lovely. *is honoured* Thank you for all your kind words. And hee you managed to make sense of my mad indexing.

Semi-sense of it, anyway. (Archive! Archive! ;-)

Fanlore page updated - just in time for next round! *g*

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