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Author Profiles: Petronelle
sageness wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Petra petronelle (Petra at Dreamwidth)
Website/link to fic: Petrastories (her index on Delicious)
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: 2008
Full disclosure: Petra and I are friends and frequent betas and I adore her writing beyond words. I am so far from unbiased, I'm in another country. Possibly another planet. *g*
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Victoria. Geoffrey/Darren, Geoffrey/Ellen, Geoffrey/Oliver. Hope/Curtis, Hope/Newbie. Various threesomes.
Style and strengths: Petra writes Due South fic like very few other people have dared, using supernatural, comics, and fantasy tropes as much for humor as psychological horror. She's written crossovers with DC Comics (RayK and Fraser meet Nightwing and a crossdressing undercover Robin in Bludhaven) and Bear & Monette's A Companion to Wolves, where RayK and Fraser are bonded to wolves who battle trolls. She's also played with the sex pollen, de-aged character, and wingfic cliches in ways that are alternately charming and deeply disturbing, and yet always remain true to the characters. Meanwhile, in Slings and Arrows, Petra brings a thorough knowledge of the theater to create backstory. Her pre-series fics are long, often hilarious, sometimes emotionally harrowing, and wonderfully theatrical.
Other DS/C6D activity: Petra has written extensively in Slings and Arrows, as well as some utterly charming Twitch City fic.

Some favorites:
No fretful orchid - (6800 words, adult) the sex pollen fic. The orchid on Francesca's desk is clearly the source of the Smell, wholly deserving of the capital letter, that hangs over the bullpen. It is a magnificent specimen of its species, a full handspan across the blossom, with proud, belled petals stubbled with trichomes with the semblance of hairs.

No one in the office seems to be paying it the slightest bit of attention when Fraser arrives, however. Francesca herself is gripping the edge of her desk beside the ribbon-wrapped flower pot with whitened knuckles and moaning, "Oh, God, yes." Lieutenant Welsh's hands, grasping her hips, are no less strained.

Follow without pride - (800 words, adult) wherein Fraser leaves with Victoria. It began with a gunshot, and someone in the train car behind the one where she stood screamed. Ben didn't look back, just swung himself up and held onto Victoria's hand as though it was the only thing that could keep him safe. They got inside between one breath and the next, both of them grinning like sociopaths.

She squeezed his hand and kissed his cheek. "We'll be fine," she said. And she said, "I love you."

Inclusively players - (15,000 words, adult, Geoffrey/Darren) Geoffrey and Darren codirect and costar in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead while roommates at university. "So how did you talk him into it?" Sylvia asked when Darren approached her in the lobby after her voice class.

Darren frowned. She was a mere junior, and could hardly be expected to understand the intricacies of such a production. He made sure that the look he gave her communicated his disdain. "How did I talk whom into what?"

She rolled her eyes. "Geoff, into this role-switching concept." Her smile grew wicked. "Just how many blowjobs do you owe him?"

"Oh, please," which could very well have come out as the suppliant plea it wanted to be, without the practice. "In the first place, we're not fucking," more's the pity, he most certainly didn't say, "and in the second, it was his damned idea."

Five ways Hope didn't convince Curtis and Newbie to have a threeway - (500 words, PG-13, Hope/Curtis/Newbie) - adorable OT3 fic. Hope shrugged. "It's called a blowjob."

"I know that, but they're guys."

"Hey," Newbie yelled from the stairs.

"Don't come in, Hope is watching gay porn."

"That's cool." Newbie came in and sat next to her. "Wow. He's got some suction going, huh?"

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Here's the link to Petra's new page:

I only did the dS stuff and the basic format, but it is now there for anyone else to add to.

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