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Author Profiles: Zoetrope
laurie anderson
neu111 wrote in ds_profiles
Author: zoetrope (previously known as Tarar)
Website/link to fic & art: Not A Painter; Zoetrope's icons at her icon journal and at ds_icons (year 2004)
Fanlore page: Zoetrope's wiki page
First DS fic posted: 2004?
Full disclosure: I'm just an admirer
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski
Style and strengths: Zoetrope is no longer active in the Due South fandom, hasn't been since ca. 2006, but she's left us some terrific pieces of fanart. She's an amazing multimedia artist and a very good fic writer. She's like the queen of animated icons and even if you think you don't know her, you probably have seen some of them. She has a great and justified rep as a vidder (none in Due South fandom though). As for her comics, they're a real treat to enjoy over and over.
Other DS/C6D activity: Zoetrope has written a Fraser/Billy Tallent story and she has made icons for Hard Core Logo, Twitch City and Wilby Wonderful.
Some favourites:

This is Where We'll End It (R, F/K, comic in 30 parts)
This one starts with the fight of Mountie on the Bounty. It's got everything you need in a Due South story: angst, slash and a happy ending. And a lot of pretty pics. A great job of adapting a ton of screencaps to write an original story as a comic (look out for the villain in part 25!)

Twelve Ways to Make Ray More Canadian (G, F/K, comic in 12 images)
Made for lamardeuse during the 2004 dSSS, this is another example of the same technique in another genre: pure fluff and crack.

Don't get distracted by the pics, you MUST click on the link near the end of the post to get to watch this hilarious PWP in form of an animated image. Somewhere in the frozen North, horny!Fraser resorts to desperate means while sleepy!Kowalski just wants to sleep.

The Curse of the Great Dawson Double-Douglas Fir Telescoping Bank Shot (NC-17, F/K, 5 parts, medium length)
"Ray, Fraser, a deaf wolf, a film crew, and one improbable shot." I have a peculiar fondness for this story because of its title and because of the use she made of this canonical shooting feat.

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Awesome, this would have gone below my radar.

Lovely stuff - thanks! :)

Glad I helped you to discover something "new" then :) And thanks for letting me know!

Thanks for the profile. I've updated the Fanlore page to include the recs and your comments.

Thank you!

TYK for this! To me this is all new!

Happy that you found something new :)

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