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Author profile: mergatrude
WC - OT3 smiles
china_shop wrote in ds_profiles
Author: mergatrude
Website/link to fic: mergatrude's fic on DSA; mergatrude's flashfics; mergatrude's other fic
Fanlore page: mergatrude's wiki page
First DS fic posted: 2003
Full disclosure: mergatrude and I share a llama cruiseliner brain. We beta for each other and email each other pretty much constantly and she is AWESOME. Do not look here for objectivity. :-)
Pairings: Kowalski/Gardino, Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Vecchio, Ray/Ray and gen.
Style and strengths: mergatrude's writing is lyrical, with a fine awareness of language. She writes poetry as well as prose, and her subject matter ranges from warm certainty to poignancy. Many of her longer works have disrupted or multiple timelines, and although some of her stories have crack premises, they are written with awareness and honesty rather than played for laughs.
Other DS/C6D activity: mergatrude co-moderates ds_ficfinders, maintains a masterlist of Due South and C6D wingfic and ran ds_northernnews in 2008 and the C6D fic exchange midsummer2009 in 2009.
Some favourites:

Thus, every feather obeys the wind
This Fraser/Kowalski wingfic is fractured and poignant, disturbing and lovely. It shifts back and forward in time,

It's unusual for a change to come so late in life. Most changes happen before the onset of puberty, although changes initiated by physical or emotional trauma have been recorded in people as late as their sixties. In Ray's case, no obvious event appeared to trigger the potential within him, although I often speculated that perhaps contact with genetic material he might not otherwise have been exposed to may have precipitated it. Ray said that blaming the dream catcher was too freakish, even for me.

A Kowalski/Gardino PWP, this is bitter and desperate and darkly funny. Warning for infidelity.

He sat down and watched as Louis toed off the sequinned red pumps and stuck his feet up on the coffee table with a sigh. The movement caused petticoats and gingham to ride up, revealing that while the lower half of his legs had been shaved completely smooth (a fact that’d made it difficult for Ray to pay attention to anything else that evening), his upper legs were obscenely hairy beneath the pantihose he had on. Make that stockings, Ray thought, as he slid his hand up Louis' silk-clad thigh, and snagged his ring on one of those elastic strap things.

April 2nd 1998
Fraser/Kowalski, sonnet. mergatrude wrote this for the getfraserlaid challenge in 2006, and it still wows me.

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I agree. mergatrude is totally awesome!

Okay - I've edited in your comments.

I did a bit of rearranging on the Notable Works part to bring it in line with the others, but if you don't like it feel free to revert it or I can. I won't have hurt feelings. *smooshes*

[and somebody should get her a AO3 invite since she is "a strong proponent of using off-LJ archives" *g*]


Looks good -- I see they still haven't fixed the TOC problem. ;-P

Nope. /o\ I guess this is what "beta" is about...

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