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Author Profile: Mizface
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prudence_dearly wrote in ds_profiles
(with cringing apologies for lateness due to interweb explosion)

Author: mizface
Website/link to fic: mizface on lj, where her tags will lead you to her writing. Her snippets are to be found under the tag author:mizface at ds_snippets
Fanlore page: right here
First DS fic posted:mid-2008
Full disclosure: miz and I are mutual flisters and she has beta'd for me
Pairings: Fraser and both Rays, in all permutations
Other DS/C6D activity: miz is active in C6D (including Harper's Island, Wilby Wonderful, Tin Man, HCL). She has also written in Dresden Files, The Sentinel, Buffy and Scarecrow and Mrs King.
Style and strengths: mizface does pretty much everything: snippets, mid-length fic, commentfic, kink memes, crossovers and longfic. miz works the advantages of each category to the full. This versatility is definitely a strength, as is her world-building in the longer fics, and her ability to squeeze bucketloads of emotion into the short fics.
Some favourites:

I wanted to look at either Kate & Leopold, Retold: a due South remix or A Winning Hand, both of which are AUs, and both of which showcase Miz's ability to create atmosphere, and to slot dS characters into believable AU situations. I've chosen A Winning Hand, in the end, because Ray Vecchio in this gives me the severe shivers. Miz isn't afraid to take the characters to dark places, and she does so subtly and convincingly. Other key features of the story: the world-building, which reflects both study and insight; the gradual development of a warm, convincing relationship between Fraser and Ray Kowalski; fun cameos by the supporting cast. This world is very appealing.

With Apologies to Poe, a remix of Poe's The Raven, written for ds_flashfiction's "spooked" challenge - this is just so much glee I can't stand it. Not only is it spooky as per spec, but miz's pleasure in the writing is evident in every line.

Yet he still refused to speak. He only stared at me so bleak
And tired I feared whatever awful fate had brought him to my door.
Taking time to really look I couldn’t help but see he shook
With fear or cold I had no clue and hated feeling so unsure
Worst of all for me this awful night was being so unsure
Of who I was, whose name I wore.

This was podficced by luzula - download details here.

mizface is a prolific writer of snippets, ranging from fluff to angst and everything in between. Choosing one is difficult, but The Function of Life is Survival is one that will stick with me for some time. Miz works the snippet like a pro, condensing a thousand words of disquiet into a mere 300. Warning: those words are counted as 300 unsettling words.

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*blushes some more*

Thank you so much for all the kind words about my fic! You've no idea how much they mean, and how they've come at just the right time.

But oh, you've made me miss snippets! (which is pretty easy to do - I love them so, but am focused on hugefic right now)

*hugs and humble thanks*

You're very welcome, darl. Chin up - the day will come when you can indulge the snippet again!

Here you go. The link to miz's fanlore page:


Thank YOU, dear archivist!

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