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Author Profile: Kat Allison
exbex wrote in ds_profiles
Author: Kat Allison [info]katallison 
Website/link to fic:
Fanlore page: fanlore wiki page
First DS fic posted: 2000
Full disclosure: I am just a fan.
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski
Style and strengths: Besides being a master storyteller, Kat writes angst beautifully. It’s the kind of angst that comes from a realistic vision of life, with all of its dangers and disappointments (that‘s this profiler‘s interpretation, anyway). Kat’s dark fan fiction maintains the characterizations of Due South, and makes me muse over what Due South would have been like if the show had had the flavor of darker television shows like Angel, Durham County, or Battlestar Galactica.
Other DS/C6D activity: Kat has written Hard Core Logo and Highlander fiction.

Some favorites:   

The End of the Road (Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 650K) A realistic, excellently written and perfectly paced post-COTW story in which Fraser and Ray K try to build a life together in Inuvik. Although it’s a sad story, it has several moments of joy. Be sure to read the epilogue Solstice.

Go Gentle (Fraser/Kowalski, Vecchio, PG-13, 8800 words) Vecchio visits a dying Fraser, and must come to terms with both this and Fraser and Kowalski’s relationship. The characterizations are spot on, and I choked up (what can I say? I love pain). I also admire the bravery with which Kat has written the reality of death, of losing people and leaving things unsaid.

Executor  I love the Harding Welsh first-person point-of-view in this story.It's a piece that explores a possible AU realistically and draws a fascinating character sketch.  Incredible and heart-breaking.

Roots Rain (Fraser 63K) A hard look at how life leaves us battered, bruised, and disappointed. The character introspection is true to Fraser, but goes deeper than the show ever did.

Slush (Vecchio) Kat’s Armando Vecchio stories are chilling Vecchio-in-Vegas fiction. This is my favorite of the group. I desperately want to protect Ray Vecchio from the world (and himself), and this piece has Ray at his most vulnerable.

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Just edited your profile of Kat into Fanlore. Thanks!

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