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Welcome to ds_profiles, a new community for cataloging all the fantabulous past and present Due South writers and creators of fanworks! Anyone who's publicly posted Due South fics, vids, fan art, podfics, cartoons or icons is fair game. Ideally we'll collect a complete set and end up with an ever-growing encyclopedia of awesome!

How it works

One profile is posted per day, Monday to Friday, for two weeks. Every third week we take a break.

Posting in ds_profiles is restricted to assigned profilers. If you want to sign up to profile a DS author/maker of fanworks or two (which, yes! do! \o/), please comment here! :-)

There is a template for the profiles.

One profile per writer

Each Due South author/maker of fanworks may only be profiled once.

Profilers choose their subjects. They can write up anyone who's created DS fanworks, so long as that person hasn't yet been profiled. Profilers are assigned a day of the week for two weeks, ie, if you play, you have to write a minimum of two profiles. People can sign up repeatedly (and I will be immensely grateful if you do *g*).

People may not profile themselves.

Audience participation

This isn't a traditional fic reccing comm. However, if you wish to add your voice (in the form of author love or rave reviews of fanworks) to an existing author profile, please do so in the comments to that author's post.

Questions? Comments? Yayness?

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Some more new authors writing in due South
Here are some dS authors/artists who have (as far as I can tell, not having done much research) started posting to AO3 since my post last year.  As always, I make no claims that this list is complete in any way, and these aren't recs per se (I haven't necessarily read all these people).  Just putting the names out there; if you're curious, investigate!  If you know of someone I've missed, let me know.

(I have not included people that I know are moving their old works into AO3 from other platforms, but I won't swear that some of the people on this list don't fall into that category.)


A partial list of recently-activated due South authors
There You Are
To keep this comm from deletion, and because someone might find the information useful sometime, here's a list of dS authors (and a couple of people who work exclusively in other media) I'm aware of who a) have become active roughly since I did (i.e. 2012ish-2014) and b) are currently active as I'm writing this in 2014.  This is in no way claiming to be a complete or definitive list; it's based on what I can come up with off the top of my head and by looking at participation lists from a couple of things like Seekrit Santa; it's also AO3 and LJ-centric because that's where I read.  Also, I can't always tell who's newly posting to AO3 and who's importing their fics they wrote ages ago.  Anyway, feel free to comment with additions.

Using AO3 handles here; some people have different handles on LJ and/or DW.

RC's Many Posts

OK, that was quite a lot of names and now I'm SURE I've missed out some obvious people.

ETA: Despite the usual purpose of this comm, this is not a recs post or a profiles post. Just a list of people that are out there making things. :)

not inactive!
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[text plagiarised from catwalksalone]due to me finding out that ds_match has been deleted and purged due to inactivity, I'm just posting this so this comm appears active and will be left alone.

I'm doing to do this for the communities I mod, so apologies for the spam.

ADMIN - Sign-ups for May!
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Thanks to exbex for profiling last month. \o/

If you want to sign up to post two profiles, any time in May, please comment here, and I'll email or PM you the template and give you posting access. :-)

author profile: SLWalker
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Author:  sl_walker 
Website/link to fic:  stories archive
Fanlore page:  TBC
First DS fic posted:  2010
Full disclosure:  We are mutual flisters,  I'm a total fangirl.
Pairings:  Turnbull/Vecchio, Fraser/Kowalski
Style and Strengths:  sl_walker co-authors the Arch to the Sky 'verse and co-authors/co-mods ds_zombies with kalijean.  I am continually impressed by her attention to detail, as well as the way she and kalijean balance the magical realism present in Due South with the realities of everyday life.  Angst, darkness, and fluff all get fair play, and are balanced brilliantly.
Other ds/C6d activity:  One BSG 2003 fic crossover with ST:TOS.

Some favorites:

Fairly Certain (Turnbull, PG, 2100 words)

Sixteen-year-old Renfield figures something important out.  It's an honest and refreshing look at the way we come to grips with our sexuality.

Brutality (Turnbull, PG, 286 words)

Turnbull stands up for a classmate at Depot, and suffers the harassment after rumors fly about his sexuality.  I love the snapshot for the way it presents the duality of humanity; Turnbull is forced to suffer for doing the right thing, and his courage and fear are juxtaposed perfectly.

Despite All (Turnbull, G, 250 words)

A heart-breaking snippet with Turnbull feeling a sense of failure, it really inspires a visceral reaction within the reader.

Any Way Up (Vecchio/Turnbull, PG-13, 28,671 words)

Ray and Renfield slowly find their way to one another.  I love the piece for its natural progression and the quiet revelations of the two men, who both feel the fear, intense joy, and cautious optimism of falling in love.

Stripes (Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 669 words)

I love a story in which we get to see that Fraser's not nearly as naive as we might be led to think.

author profile: kalijean
my actual photo
Author:  kalijean 
Website/link to fic:  kalijean on AO3 and Arch to the Sky verse
Fanlore page:  TBC
First DS fic posted:  2010
Full disclosure:  I'm an adoring fangirl, while she graciously tolerates my squee.  We're mutual flisters.
Pairings:  Vecchio/Turnbull, Fraser/Kowalski
Style and Strengths:  Whether it's in the Arch to the Sky verse, her Due South/Harry Potter crossover verse, or the ds_zombies  radioplay, kalijean loves to peel back the layers of a character like an onion.  The results can be painful or delightful, and always worth it.
Other ds/C6d activity:  none

Some favorites:

Cinis (Vecchio, PG-13, 229 words)

A Vecchio-in-Vegas favorite of mine.  Ray atones for Armando's sins, while being eaten up by his own guilt.

Kicking the Line (Fraser/Kowalski, PG-13, 584 words)

Kowalski's spine fuses together.  Excellent introspection and one of my all-time favorite ending lines.

Turtle (Welsh, Turtle, Vecchio, G, 632 words)

We learn the fate of Kowalski's turtle and get a rare glimpse inside Welsh's mind.

Avis (Turnbull/Vecchio, G, 911 words) 

Early in kalijean 's Due South/Harry Potter verse, in which Vecchio and Turnbull are wizards living among Muggles in Chicago.  A joyful and tender piece (okay, it makes me cry every time).

Obliviate (Kowalski, Welsh, Vecchio/Turnbull, Fraser; PG-13, 2818 words)

The second installment in the Due South/Harry Potter universe.  In which Kowalski is just too good of a detective...

ADMIN: Another Round!
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Hi everyone!

china_shop has handed management of this community over to me, so I'll be pestering you all to come and wax lyrical over your favourite dS writers, artists and vidders.

Tomorrow is the 1st of March, so I thought it might be a good time to kick off another round of profiles. If you'd like to write a profile, please comment below, and I will email you the template and give you posting access. I'd really love it if more artists and vidders were profiled!

We'll stick with the current format of two profiles a month, posted when convenient to you. Check out the index to see who's already been profiled. And for ideas, check viciouscats masterlist of authors.

Author profile: The Hoyden
Author: thehoyden
Website/link to fic: the author's fic at the AO3
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: Probably 2004.
Full disclosure: I'm just an admirer.
Pairings: Fraser/Kowalski, Thatcher/Frannie
Style and strengths: The Hoyden has written relatively few stories, but several of them are fandom classics. The stories range from snippets to long stories, and from AU:s to stories that are close to canon, but all have delightful characterization. Most of them focus on romance, and there is no heavy angst.
Other DS/C6D activity: None that I know of.
Some favourites:

Academic Punk (long, F/K, R)

This is the author's most well-known story; an AU where Fraser and Ray K both work in the English department of a university. It's an utterly charming story, and both characters are still so much themselves despite the new setting.

International Woman of Mystery (short, Thatcher/Frannie, PG-13)

A delightful little meeting in a London alley. The Frannie POV is spot-on, and Thatcher is mysterious and makes like James Bond.

Sweet Confessions Underneath His Tongue (long, F/K, R)

This is an AU where Kowalski works in IA and goes undercover to investigate Vecchio, and it's one of those AU:s which is fairly close reworking of canon (S3-4).

Author profile: Helens78
Author: Helens78 ([personal profile] helens78)
Website/link to fic:
On Dreamwidth, as [personal profile] helensfic
On AO3, with story/content tags. The DW stories include pairing and rating only, so if you want more information about the stories before reading go with the AO3 versions.
Fanlore page: tbc
First DS fic posted: 2010!!!
Full disclosure:  We're on each others flists. And of course I'm a fan.
Pairings: Mostly Fraser/Kowalski, with additional pairings.
Style and strengths:  Kink! Bingo! Memes!
An amazingly prolific writer (she'll probably post a new story before you finish the end of this profile), Helens is a welcome addition to DS/C6D. She has written most of her Fraser/Kowalski pieces for kink memes and kink bingo, so many of them are very "I'll be in my bunk" hot. The stories themselves cover a wide range of moods, from romantic first-time, to funny and warm established relationship fics, to dark stories that are as incredible as they are painful to read. What they all have in common is insightful and convincing characterization; her Fraser and Kowalski voices are feel very in-character, even as she's exploring and pushing the boundaries of their relationship.

Other DS/C6D activity: BSG (including this excellent story involving Leoben, Anders and pyramid), Canadian RPF, Gunless, and Wilby Wonderful, plus assorted crossovers with Californication, and Shattered. And even while I was writing this, she posted a fantastic Eastwick/BSG crossover.  She also mods or co-mods a number of comms, including the [community profile] duesouth and the delightful [community profile] dreamsheep.

Some favourites:

Have You Performed At This Establishment Before? (Due South, Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 5153 words, written for the duesouth_kink meme)
Undercover!Ray's in a punk rock band, and gets a surprise visitor at one of the concerts. Along with being OMG-HOT, this one has some lovely roleplay banter, great Ray voice, and comes with a nice twist at the end.
Excerpt...Collapse ) 

Branta Canadensis (Due South, Fraser/Kowalski, R, 1565 words) Ray's angry that Stella can remarry while he cannot. Angst, but with a sweet ending.
Excerpt...Collapse ) 

I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours (Due South, F/K, NC-17, 6032 words, written for kink_bingo) The Fight Club story. The writing is so evocative that you feel every bit of the pain, during and after the fight. Her Fraser and Kowalski voices are spot-on here; you get why Fraser would be doing this, and Kowalski's desire to protect (and then help) Fraser makes me want to hug him.
Excerpt...Collapse ) 

A Failure Of Survival Skills (Due South, Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 2390 words, written for the duesouth_kink meme) A post-breakup story, but they haven't completely ended it. Serious jealousy, anger and self-destruction here, made more heartbreaking with Vecchio there to watch it happen over and over. The final conversation at the end packs so much in just a few sentences.
Excerpt...Collapse ) 

New Toys (Due South, Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 3626 words, written for kink_bingo) The title pretty much says it all. What I love about this story is how comfortable and confident they are exploring this aspect of their relationship. No angst in this one!
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